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Hidden Marriage Chapter 1720: Sometimes I Want To Listen To My Heart Too

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Chapter 1720: Sometimes I Want To Listen To My Heart Too
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When Yan Ruyi finished, Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao stood there stunned. They were in disbelief as if they had not expected Yan Ruyi to say such things.

"I won't hide it from you. That girl's severely injured and she might never wake up forever..."

Wouldn't she be stabbing her own son's heart if she forced him to marry another woman right now? How could she bear to do such a thing?

Even if it were not for her son, she would not have done it for the sake of Little Treasure!

Mother Guan did not think that Yan Ruyi's attitude would have changed so drastically. She took a long while to calm down before she said, "Sis, I understand what you're thinking, but... but you can't just let Tingxiao marry a person in a vegetative state because you feel guilty, and in turn, make a decision that could harm the child forever!"

Yan Ruyi let out a bitter laugh. "If I force him to marry someone he doesn't like right now, that would really be harming him forever..."

As Yan Ruyi said this, she gave them an apologetic look. "Sis, you know I've always liked Ziyao very much. I thought that Ziyao could cultivate some feelings within Tingxiao... yet, in the end, it was still... I'm very regretful... Tingxiao's heart and eyes are only filled with the girl right now. In these circumstances, to force Tingxiao and Ziyao together would be irresponsible to Ziyao too!"

Yan Ruyi looked at Guan Ziyao and sighed, "Ziyao, you're a wonderful young lady. It's us Lu family that's not blessed!"

Guan Ziyao looked even paler than before. She bit her lips and did not say a single word.

Yan Ruyi would rather have Tingxiao marry a person in a vegetative state than let him marry her?

Ning Xi had already become like this... and she had still lost to her?

Just because that woman had saved Little Treasure?

Since Yan Ruyi had already put it that way, Mother Guan was obviously uneasy. "Sis, there are some things I think you can't just rashly come to a conclusion about. How do you know that Little Treasure was definitely saved by that woman? What could she do as a woman herself? It'd be good enough if she didn't become a hindrance after she forcefully followed them!"

When she heard Mother Guan's doubts, Yan Ruyi's gentle expression suddenly hardened. "Sis, you can be very assured that I've obviously investigated this matter clearly!"

When Yan Ruyi finished, she laughed at herself on the inside. Right now, she was unhappy with other people's doubts about Ning Xi, yet back then, the person who had been dubious all along was herself...

Mother Guan suddenly could not find any else to refute. She only frowned and said, "Sis, I think it's best if you consider this matter properly! After all, this is related to the children's lifetime happiness! The child's headstrong, but you can be headstrong with him too!"

Yan Ruyi laughed, "I've been rational my whole life, sometimes I want to listen to my heart too. Sis, Ziyao, thank you for coming over with concerns, I still have to go and take care of Little Treasure, I won't accompany you longer then."

It was only when Yan Ruyi had tactfully asked them to leave did Mother Guan unwillingly bring Guan Ziyao out of the hospital unhappily.

After she sent Mother Guan and Guan Ziyao off, she turned around and saw Lu Chongshan standing not too far away from her.

Yan Ruyi was startled. "Did you hear everything?"

Lu Chongshan did not say anything, implying that he did.

Yan Ruyi's expression suddenly turned cold. She glared at him defensively. "Why? Want to criticize me?"

Lu Chongshan looked at his wife's rare fierce stance even though she was soft on the inside, and sighed, "Am I really that unreasonable in your eyes?"
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