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Hidden Marriage Chapter 1347: Beautiful Trap

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Chapter 1347: Beautiful Trap

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Can you please stop being so good to me all the time, please?

The girl looked down, her eyes like marble spheres that had lost its shine.

Before that negativity could spread out, Ning Xi suppressed it back inside her.

Ning Xi wrapped her arms around the man's neck. "Lu Tingxiao…"

"Hmm?" Lu Tingxiao really liked the girl's small gestures like this. Her silky smooth hair fell on his shoulder, making his heart flutter. He really wanted to give her the whole world.

Ning Xi whispered into his ear, "Why do I like you so much? When I decided to be with you, I thought I already liked you enough…"

Before that, she never thought that she would be with anyone else. If she did not really like him, she would not have taken that step forward.

"But now I realize, the way I like you then was just a very small fragment of my feelings for you now…"

She poured her heart and soul out to the man. She had still kept a part to herself when she decided to be together with him, telling herself that if anything unpredictable happened, she could leave right away.

However, at this point, she realized that although they had not known each other for very long, he had already become one with he. If they were to be separated, it would be excruciatingly painful.

Lu Tingxiao felt warmth in his chest when the girl confessed to him, but his sensitive mind felt a sense of unease.

Ning Xi hugged the man, then after a while, she took a deep breath and said, "Lu Tingxiao, it's been some time since we went on a date. When you're free, let's go out together, just the two of us!"

"I'm free anytime." As long as it is with you.

"Okay, then I'll confirm my schedule with Sis Zhizhi. I'll let you know soon! When the time comes...I have something to tell you!" Ning Xi tried her best to sound normal.

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao noticed something. For Ning Xi to lose control over herself, it must have been because of that…

Ning Xi left the man's warm hug, crawling out of bed. "Ah! I fell into your beauty trap again! I have to go to the studio today. I'm going to be late!"

Ning Xi quickly put on her makeup and changed, then she kissed Lu Tingxiao and left the house.

When she reached the studio, Xiao Tao was already there waiting for her.

"My dear, please tell me that Sis Zhizhi isn't angry with me!" Ning Xi pleaded with Xiao Tao nervously.

Xiao Tao looked worried. "She's not really angry, just worried about you. We couldn't contact you last night, so we were really anxious... Fortunately, Second Master managed to stem the news. Bro Xi, is your family matter settled? If it wasn't for Second Master, we all thought that the person really was you…"

Family matter?

Ning Xi was a little taken aback. It must have been an excuse made up by Lu Jingli. She quickly nodded. "Sort of."

Because it was a private matter, Xiao Tao did not ask further about it. She just looked at Ning Xi with curious eyes. "Bro Xi...are you and Second Master really just normal friends? I feel like he's been really extra nice to you…"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched a little. "Haha…"

Of course, they were not just normal friends!
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