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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 957: Conclusion(8)

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Chapter 957: Conclusion(8)

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In a hurry, he realized that he had blurted it out in Chinese, so he repeated it in English once more. The driver slammed into the brakes, and before the cab had even fully stopped, Xu Jiamu tossed some money and jumped out.

Turning, he ran towards Song Xiangsi.


In a rush, Song Xiangsi had ran out in a pair of slippers, but she had lost one while running. Despite that, she continued to run on the road, the rough ground bruising her foot with each step. Just then, her elbow was tugged by someone, pulling her into a warm embrace. "Are you crazy? How can you run on the road barefooted?"

Song Xiangsi trembled from Xu Jiamu's words. She lifted her head, looking into a pair of bright eyes that blazed with fury. After a second, she suddenly asked, "Xu Jiamu, do you love me?"

Her abrupt question caused his mind to blank out.

"Jiamu, do you love me?" she repeated.

Xu Jiamu came back to his senses. Frowning, he replied in a deep voice, "Is that important? You're already married, aren't you..."

Before he could finish his sentence, she interrupted with a resolute "It's important."

She stared at him seriously, her eyes gleaming fervently. Trying to convince him, she added, "It's very important, so tell me, do you love me or not?"

Song Xiangsi's seriousness seemed to have affected him, causing him to turn solemn as well. He looked at her for a bit more before finally replying, "I love you."

At that instant, the loud, chaotic street fell into silence.

She could hear only her heart racing swiftly and violently.

Her fingers started to tremble, her breathing becoming unstable.

Xu Jiamu glanced at her eyes. After a moment of silence, he continued, "I really love you... To the point that even after using up all I had to forget you, I still failed."

When she was still with him, he never realized he was in love with her, so he had never told her.

After they broke up, were separated for three years and then reunited, she was already someone else's wife, so he wasn't able to say it anymore.

"After you left me, I struggled to give you up, and in the end, I did.

"But it wasn't you but myself that I gave up.

"I tried a thousand different ways and struggled a thousand times, but in the end you were still rooted in my heart, so I gave up trying to forget you."

Tears streamed down Song Xiangsi’s eyes. Her lips curled upwards and, abruptly, she stood up on her toes and kissed him on the lips.

She desperately tried to control herself. If it had already ended, she shouldn't start it. She chose her own road, she didn't want to walk that path again, but in the end, she gave in, gave in to her better judgment, gave in to his influence.

He loved her, he didn't marry anyone, he did so much for her; she could no longer find a reason to break off all ties.

So she didn't care anymore.
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