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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 938: Continuation (19)

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Chapter 938: Continuation (19)

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Whilst Little Red Bean was eating, she grabbed for the soy sauce, and got her hand all dirty. Song Xiangsi carried her to the restroom to wash her hands.

Little Red Bean was really happy when she saw water. As she splashed the running water from the taps, she clapped and clapped, causing the water to spray everywhere. When some sprayed onto Song Xiangsi's face, she said with a serious voice, "Red Bean, stop it! Mommy's going to get mad!"

Her words didn't scare Little Red Bean at all. She grinned from ear to ear and played around even more cheerfully. Song Xiangsi simply put the girl on the sink, and pretended to turn around to leave, due to which Little Red Bean gaped in fear. She pitifully cried, "Mommy, I was wrong!"

"So are you going to properly wash your hands?" Song Xiangsi opened both hands in front of Little Red Bean, and stood still on the spot.

"Yeah." Little Red Bean nodded like a chick pecking for rice.

Then Song Xiangsi walked up to her, brought her up, and helped her to carefully wash her hands. As she grabbed some tissues to dry Little Red Bean's hands, she heard a voice next to her. "Xiangsi."

When she heard Xu Jiamu's voice, she was stunned for a while, then turned her head to find him standing calmly nearby.

With her big black eyes, Little Red Bean stared at him without blinking, as he looked a little familiar.

Xu Jiamu's heart melted a little when he saw the little girl. He walked over and asked her in a soft voice, "Little Red Bean, do you still remember uncle?"

The little girl shook her head, then sweetly cried "Uncle" with curved brows.

Actually, Xu Jiamu had only met her once, but seeing her again, he realized he felt just as shaken up as the first time they met. He couldn't help but reach his arms out towards the girl. "Can uncle get a hug?"

Little Red Bean didn't reject Xu Jiamu. She took a quick glance at Song Xiangsi first, then seeing that her mum didn't shoot her a strange look, she turned her head and said "Ok" in a crisp voice, and rushed in his arms.

Xu Jiamu lifted Little Red Bean up. She was just as little and soft as before, quickly melting his heart.

He stared at Little Red Bean's little face about a foot away from his own. The more he stared, the more familiar she looked. He thought about it for a moment, then turned to Song Xiangsi next to him and said, "Little Red Bean has been with you for so long now, she's starting to look a little like you."

"Really?" asked Song Xiangsi jokingly in return. Her eyes never left Xu Jiamu and Little Red Bean's faces.

If you counted it, this was the second time the two of them, father and daughter, had met. When she used to look after Little Bean on her own, she thought that she looked like Xu Jiamu. But now, that she compared them side by side, she realized that Little Red Bean's nose really looked extremely similar to his.

Song Xiangsi wasn't in a hurry to carry Little Red Bean away, so she just stood aside and watched as Xu Jiamu kept on teasing the little girl. Perhaps it was because they were related by blood, Little Red Bean, who was always shy around strangers, seemed to be especially friendly with him, as she smiled with her eyes in his arms.

Xu Jiamu was very good at holding children. Little Red Bean wiggled around in his arms, and yet he was able to easily take care of her.

After all, they were biological father and daughter. The picture of them together looked absolutely perfect. It looked far more comfortable than when Jiang Licheng held Little Red Bean.
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