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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 926: Continuation(7)

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Chapter 926: Continuation(7)

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Xu Jiamu roomed with Father Song while Song Xiangsi stayed in the other room alone.

There was a white wall separating both rooms.

Song Xiangsi roused early the next morning, heading over to the other room. Father Song opened the door, but by then Xu Jiamu was no longer around.

Father Song's condition wasn't good. He was sluggish, and even the few meters to the door sent him panting.

Song Xiangsi held onto him, helping him to the sofa. Before she could speak, Father Song spoke. " Little Xu 1 barely slept the entire night.

"Last night, my stomach wasn't feeling well and I had to go to the toilet countless times, and every time, he would carry me there. When I accidentally wet the bed in the middle of the night, he helped me change my clothes, clean me, and even gave up his bed for me to sleep while he guarded at the side. He even washed my soiled clothes..."

Father Song raised his hands, pointing to the clothes by the window.

"I can tell that he's really a good guy and treats you sincerely. I'm really glad that he'll be here to take care of you..."

Father Song rambled on continuously, while Song Xiangsi continued to stare at the clothes Xu Jiamu had washed in a daze.


When he came back , he held onto a few bags.

They didn't bring any clothes as they had left in a hurry the night before. That morning, Xu Jiamu specifically bought two sets of clothes for both Song Xiangsi and Father Song, rented a car, and bought breakfast.

Father Song had difficulty moving, so Xu Jiamu sat beside him, patiently feeding him porridge scoop by scoop.  

Song Xiangsi sat in front of them, moisture welling up in her eyes as she took in the sight. She lowered her head, not daring to look any longer, afraid that her resolution would waver.

In her memory, Xu Jiamu was always pampered and took things for granted, but somehow, he had changed at some point. Now, he was sensitive and knew how to take care of others, emitting safety and reliability that warmed her heart.

If in the eight years that they were together, there was even an instance she had experienced this side of him, maybe she wouldn’t have been so determined to leave him.

The Xu Jiamu now had finally met her expectations, becoming a man that was trustworthy and reliable, but they were strangers now.


At 11am, Xu Jiamu paid for the hotel and drove the car he had rented all the way to Song Xiangsi's hometown.

The airport was about 400 km away from her hometown, so after about five hours on the road, they finally reached it.

Ever since Father Song left for Beijing to treat his illness, no one had been at their old home, so the house was a little dirty.

Xu Jiamu remained patient without any complaints even after a bad sleep and a whole day of driving. He rolled up his sleeves and helped with the home before heading out to buy some ingredients to make dinner.

However, that night, Father Song didn't have much appetite. After picking on the food in his bowl, he took his medicine and headed to bed.
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