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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 908: After (25)

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Chapter 908: After (25)

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Song Xiangsi was drying her hair when she saw him enter. She stopped what she was doing, then continued to lower her head.

Xu Jiamu stood still at the bedroom door, waiting for her to finish drying her hair. Then, he pointed at the bed.

Song Xiangsi knew that he was signaling for her to get on it. They had been together for eight years now, but at that very moment, she felt an unspeakable sense of nervousness. She balled her fists into a tight fist, then, slowly, walked over to the side of the bed and sat down.

That's when Xu Jiamu walked into the room. He stopped in front of her and shot her a look. All of sudden, he leaned forward and pushed her down on the bed.

In that instant, he clearly felt her body stiffen.

Having been together for eight years, the two of them had had a lot of sex, and they were so familiar with each others bodies that they could have sex with their eyes closed. Later on in their relationship, she even initiated it.

But on her first time, she was was stiff as a rock underneath him.

She shut her eyes. Her eyelashes were quivering fiercer than the first time they did it.

Her hands tightly gabbed onto the sheets beneath her.

Xu Jiamu stared at Song Xiangsi like that for a while, before he reached his arm out and undid her bath robe. He could clearly feel how her body trembled violently, and how her breathing started to grow unsteady.

He slowly untied the band around her robe to unveil her snowy white skin.

By simply looking at her like this, he felt his body transform..

In the past three years, he knew that he missed her... he knew that his body missed her.

Xu Jiamu slowly tore the robe off her body, gently lowered his head, and kissed her skin. He realized that her whole body shivered from his action. He lifted his head to see that she shut her eyes tightly and bit her lip.

Her reaction just now... He couldn't tell if it was because she was nervous or if she was fighting back.

Xu Jiamu looked at her for a while, then continued to kiss her skin. He kissed and kissed, then suddenly he came to an abrupt stop.

Though she had suggested to make a deal, and she was willing to do anything tonight...

But what about him? He really wanted her, but... but he couldn't go on.

She was already married. She was only in bed with him to save another man. Even if something were to happen between them now, she still wouldn't be his.

Earlier, when he first saw her at the kindergarten, they were already completely over. He was just unwilling give up.

Xu Jiamu lowered his eyes, and remained silent for a while. Then, he reached out with his arm and wrapped her bathrobe around he.

Song Xiangsi's brows twitched, and she opened her eyes to see Xu Jiamu with his head lowered, tying her bathrobe around her.

A flash of confusion crossed her eyes.

Xu Jiamu still didn't look at her. He slowly left her body and took a step back. "I'll pay for the room later. You can leave tomorrow if you want, or you can leave in a while. It's up to you."

He reached out to pick up the clothes beside him and walked out of the bedroom. That's when he glanced over at Song Xiangsi, and said after some thought, "Also... that blood... let's just say I did a good deed. You don't have to repay me."
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