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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 900: After (16)

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Chapter 900: After (16)

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Then Xu Jiamu's arms, which were resting on both arms of his chair, flung around Song Xiangsi, trapping her in his embrace. He lowered his head and stared into her eyes. "Xiangsi, can you not be like this? Let's talk it out. Please?"

When had the old Xu Jiamu ever spoke to Song Xiangsi like that?

When she used to act arrogant, the old him would of only arrogantly got angry.

But the him right now was actually speaking in a polite and negotiating kind of tone of voice.

Just what did he mean by this... Could it be that he wanted to...

Song Xiangsi stopped her thoughts there, as her heart couldn't help but feel mocked. Why was she always so unrepentant?

At first, she was softhearted with him, time and time again. In the end, he canceled their deal and got engaged with someone else.

It was because she had hoped so many times now, so she ended up with despair.

So, Song XIangsi, I beg you, don't be such a pushover. This time, you didn't come back to the country to start over again with Xu Jiamu. You're here for your father. When your father is well again, you have to go back to America. Your life is good right now. Even though every now and then you get sad thinking about him, you're at peace. Don't hurt yourself time and time again...

Song Xiangsi tightened her grip, then shot Xu Jiamu a smirk and an emotionless smile. "Mr. Xu, what is the meaning of this? You want to relight the fire? If I remember correctly, you said it with your own mouth three years ago that you and I have nothing to do with each other!

"So, Mr. Xu, I believe there's nothing we really need to say to each other. After all, I'm no one to you and you're no one to me."

Xu Jiamu grabbed both arms of the chair. His knuckles turned white, protruding under his sheer force.

"Oh, that's not right." Song Xiangsi looked at the man as though he was weird and chuckled. "For three years, I wasn't your anything, nor you mine! It was just a business deal between us before. A deal settled with money, one after which we owed nothing to the other party."

"In your heart, is that what you've always thought?" Xu Jiamu held his breath, pausing with each word of his question.

"Or what?" asked Song Xiangsi bemused. She lifted her head and stared into Xu Jiamu's eyes. "Or else, why would I have aborted your child..."

Before she could finish, Xu Jiamu suddenly turned away. His breathing hastened, viciousness creeping up into his face.

Just as Song Xiangsi thought that he would get angry like he did three years ago, he suddenly loosened his grip on the chair. He took a step back, then turned around and stared out the window, and said flatly, "Leave. About your contract, tell your manager to come in and discuss the details."

Song Xiangsi sat in her chair with a cold expression on her face for a while, then without making a sound, she stood up, picked up her bag, and walked out the door.

Xu Jiamu stood still on the spot without moving. It was not until he heard Song Xiangsi shut the door that his whole body trembled gently.

Soon enough, the door was pushed open and he heard the voice of her manager. "Chief Xu, the contract..."

"I'll ask someone to send the contract to you later," he said without even waiting for the manager to finish talking.

"Okay," replied the woman."Then goodbye, Chief Xu."
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