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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 899: After (16)

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Chapter 899: After (16)

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Xu Jiamu didn't speak for a long time.

But Song Xiangsi was in no hurry. She sat there calmly, and looked even more composed than him.

The room was silent.

Who knows how long had passed before Xu Jiamu cleared his throat. For a brief moment, he let out an "En", then shifted and said, "How have you been all these years in America?"

Those few simple words suddenly softened Song Xiangsi's heart. The calm and collected attitude she tried so hard to uphold almost shattered to nothing just like that.

She tightly balled up her fists and tried her hardest to not show any emotions on her face, but her heart was already turbulent.

She silently gazed at Xu Jiamu for a long time, before she pulled a polite smile. "Thank you Mr. Xu for caring, I'm good."

Song Xiangsi's cold and distant demeanor caught Xu Jiamu off guard. He lowered his eyes, flustered, and said after another pause, "I hear that you got married in America?"

Actually, Song Xiangsi wanted to lie by saying 'yes', but no matter what, she couldn't let it out. In the end, she thought she may as well choose to stay quiet.

Xu Jiamu waited for a while, but she didn't speak. He raised his eyes and gazed at her for a while, then said, "Yesterday, that gentleman... was your husband?"

What was the point in talking to her about all this? To reminisce about the past?

Three years ago, she used all the strength in her body to force herself to cut all ties between them.

At first, she left her home country and had so many sleepless nights dreaming about him. It was not until she gave birth to Little Red Bean that she turned her attention towards her, and gradually stopped hurting.

Nobody knew what she endured every single day for three whole years trying to forget and let him go. Eventually, she managed to hold out and shake off her initial feeling as though life is no better than death.

If it was possible, she really didn't want to get herself mixed up with him again, because she didn't want to see herself repeat the same mistakes.

At that thought, Song Xiangsi secretly took a deep breath. She stared at Xu Jiamu and spoke elegantly. "Mr. Xu, about the contract, my manager just now was very clear about it. If you have no opinions on the matter, then can I sign it now?"

When she said this, she reached her arm out and picked up the contract on the table, then flipped through to the page that required the signature. Just as she was about to pick up the pen, Xu Jiamu suddenly held her hand.

His palms were hot, so hot in fact, they made Song Xiangsi's entire body tremble. Then she heard him say in a gentle voice, "Xiangsi". The tone of his voice was exactly the same as how he used to speak in the middle of the night.

She suddenly pulled her arm back, as though she was frightened by something. Then she picked up her bag beside her, stood up, and forced herself to sound poised, but her voice still trembled a little. "Sorry, Mr. Xu, about the contract, talk to my manager. I'll be going now."

After she said this, she turned around to leave, but after taking just two stops, Xu Jiamu grabbed her wrist again. Before she could slowly come back to her senses, he pushed her back into her chair with a shove.
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