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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 884: After (1)

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Chapter 884: After (1)

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"Aye, I don't know what's with Xu Jiamu. I feel like he's changed a lot these last few years. In the past, he used to love going out. Whenever he was bored, he would ask us to go out, but now, even if you called him out, he wouldn't move. What's more, have you not noticed how distant he is around everyone now. He truly is Mr. Lu's biological brother. He seems a little like how Mr. Lu was back then...

"But then again, Xu Jiamu is quite close to Little Rice Cake. He looks at him like he's his own son. It's called spoiling him with love. He must've bought the majority of toys in this room right? In the past, I didn't figure that Xu Jiamu liked children. How comes after one of us got one, he turned out to be the one who spoils the kid the most!

"He's thirty already and unmarried. Say, as his older brother and sister-in-law, why can't you two go talk to him... He walks around by himself all day. He looks so pitiful..."

Qiao Anxia let out sigh after sigh, then threw the gun in her hands to one side. "It's time for Little Rice Cake to drink milk now. I'll go down to heat it up."

After hearing Qiao Anxia moan for so long, Qiao Anhao finally said, "I'll go, you stay here with Little Rice Cake."

When he heard her say this, the boy softly said "Thank you mama" whilst playing with the toys beside him.

Qiao Anhao shot Little Rice Cake a warm smile, reached her arm out and rubbed his head, then stood up and left.

The far west side of Little Rice Cake's playroom was coincidentally next to the far east side of Xu Jiamu's villa.

There was a window in the corridor. Before Qiao Anhao went downstairs, she couldn't help but glance over towards her west side. Through the matching windows, she saw Xu Jiamu leaning against the wall of his corridor, looking depressed, smoking.

Suddenly, Qiao Anhao thought back to what Qiao Anxia had said about him. She couldn't help but sneak a few glances at him. In the end, she didn't call out to him, but let out a gentle sigh, and turned to walk down the stairs.


In the bedroom, Lu Jinnian put Qiao Anhao's suitcase away and went to the playroom.

Just as he pushed the door up, he coincidentally heard Qiao Anxia teasing Little Rice Cake. "Little Rice Cake, be good and answer a question for auntie. Tomorrow, auntie will buy your favorite Ultraman egg for you!"

Little Rice Cake immediately let go of the wooden blocks in front of him. He blinked his big pitch-black eyes and stared at Qiao Anxia. "Auntie, ask."

She let out an "En", then asked with a beaming smile, "Who's better papa or mama?"

When Qiao Anxia finished asking, she added, "Remember, you have to choose one, or no Ultraman egg."

Ever since Little Rice Cake stopped drinking milk, Lu Jinnian practically fed him and changed his diapers. He loved Qiao Anhao dearly, and couldn't bare to see her tired.

But being just two and half, Little Rice Cake didn't understand Lu Jinnian's thoughts. He only understand that papa looked after him a little more, so he answered honestly for the Ultraman egg. "Papa."

Right when he said that, Lu Jinnian let out a cough where he stood behind the door.

When Little Rice Cake heard the sound, he looked over at Lu Jinnian with a little anticipation. He thought papa would compliment him, but who knew he would actually stare threateningly at him.

"Who did you just say?"
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