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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 881: Ending(42)

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Chapter 881: Ending(42)

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"How do you remember me, is it in sorrow or happiness... During all these years, was there anyone who could take away your loneliness…"

Just then, he started to remember a conversation she had had with him.

"Jiamu, I will stay by your side."

"Jiamu, I'm pregnant."

"Jiamu, let's breakup..."

Xu Jiamu clenched onto the steering wheel, bursting into tears, an inaudible murmur among his sobs. "Xiangsi, Xiangsi..."

"How do you remember me, is it in sorrow or happiness... During all these years, was there anyone who could take away your loneliness…

"In the end, I finally learned to love, but it's a pity that you're no longer around.

"In the end, I finally realized among my tears that once you're gone, you're never coming back."


In Seattle, the moment the clock struck twelve, the delivery room burst open. A fatigued Song Xiangsi was wheeled out. In less than a minute, a blonde nurse walked over with a baby that was bundled up tightly. She glanced towards the pale Song Xiangsi with a bright smile and said in English, "Congratulations, it's a little princess."

"Thank you." Song Xiangsi smiled towards the nurse who carried the bundle in her embrace.

The little baby had pinkish skin. When she saw Song Xiangsi staring, she broke into a big smile.

Even though she was exhausted, the bright smile on her tiny face brought her unimaginable warmth. Song Xiangsi lowered her head to kiss the little baby, her face glowing from motherly love and tenderness.

In just a short while, the little baby fell asleep in her arms.

Song Xiangsi stared at the baby's features, while outside she could hear the sound of fireworks from the Christmas celebrations.

After a long time, she lifted her head to glance out the window to the east. Even though she knew it was a few million miles away, she still couldn't help staring that way.

What was Christmas like in Beijing?

And what was he like right now?

Song Xiangsi stopped her wandering thoughts, hurriedly diverting her gaze back to the sleeping baby, a warm smile once again tainting her lips.

But despite her smile, there was an impossible to conceal sorrow in her eyes.

In just nine months, their promise to be strangers had really come true...


At 12 am, Lu Jinnian left the private room.

Everyone was dead drunk, staggering out.

At 12 am, there was a large fireworks display outside. Qiao Anxia seemed unusually excited, jumping and running around, regardless of Cheng Yang efforts to calm her down. When she was the most hyped, she raised both arms and shouted, "Cheng Yang, I love you!"

Lu Jinnian's assistant and Zhao Meng could barely stand straight, bursting into laughter at Qiao Anxia's confession.

Qiao Anhao held onto Lu Jinnian's hand, standing at the furthest and highest staircase, observing everyone. Happiness and bliss was apparent on her face.

After the fireworks display, everyone left.

Qiao Anhao didn't drink and could drive, so both she and Lu Jinnian headed to the car park.

Lu Jinnian drank a lot but he was still sober. The snow was heavy and the car park was a distance away. He placed his jacket onto Qiao Anhao before bending to carry her.
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