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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 869: Ending (30)

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Chapter 869: Ending (30)

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The plane ascended, and eventually Song Xiangsi couldn't see the lights of Beijing. Tears rolled down her face again.

Through them, she vaguely saw the Song Xiangsi from eight years ago, in a white dress and braided pigtails. In front of the bright and handsome Xu Jiamu, she stared at the credit card in his hands. She bit the corner of her lips helplessly and uncomfortably for a long while before she eventually shut her eyes and gave a gentle nod. "Alright, I'm with you."


The day Qiao Anxia was discharged from the hospital, the city of Beijing had become warm.

Early in the morning, Chen Yang and Mother Qiao had started to help pack. The two sisters had said they'd meet that day at the Qiao family home, but seeing as how big Qiao Anhao’s belly had gotten, Lu Jinnian decided it'd be better if he accompanied her, so he went to the hospital to pick her up.

It was already twelve in the afternoon when they returned to the Qiao family home. The servants had just finished preparing lunch. Since Qiao Anxia was injured and Qiao Anhao was pregnant, the dishes were particularly light and nutritious.

After lunch, Chen Yang and Lu Jinnian followed Father Qiao into the study room, leaving the three of women to watch television in the living room.

Qiao Anhao, who was three months pregnant, liked to nap and was quite lazy. As she watched TV up against Qiao Anxia's shoulder, she dozed off.

When she felt her shoulder become heavier, Qiao Anxia couldn't help but turn her head. When she saw that her sister had fallen deep asleep, she immediately nudged Mother Qiao and pointed at the blanket not too far away. She whispered softly, "Give me the blanket."

As she caught the blanket, she gently pulled it over Qiao Anhao. Just when she tried to slip the covers under her arm, she coincidentally saw her sister’s little bump. Her gaze involuntarily froze, and her hand subconsciously reach out to stroke Qiao Anhao's belly. A tinge of envy instantly crept into her heart. Then, like an electric shock, her hand swiftly shrank back, and her eyes darkened as she lowered them.

It was already six in the evening when Qiao Anhao woke up. Mother Qiao had prepared dinner, so everyone decided to stay for dinner before parting.

Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian went back to Mian Xiu Garden and Chen Yang drove Qiao Anxia straight to his apartment. Perhaps it was because she was tired, she had shut her eyes and didn't say a word through the whole journey.

When they reached the apartment, Chen Yang opened the door and blocked Qiao Anxia's way. "First, shut your eyes."

She lifted her head in confusion and glanced over at him. "What?"

"Shut your eyes," Chen Yang repeated.

Taking in how unimpressed Qiao Anxia looked, he figured he may as well go around and behind her. He raised his hands and covered her eyes, then kicked the door open. He nudged her into house after that.

"Chen Yang, what are you doing?"

Qiao Anxia shifted her head, wanting to pry Chen Yang's hands apart. He lowered his head and gently whispered "shhh" into her ear. He casually closed the door, and continued to push her onward until they stopped in the center of the living room. Then, he slowly took his hands from Qiao Anxia's eyes.

"Chen Yang, what the hell are you..."

As Qiao Anxia said this, she opened her eyes to find that there were a lot of fireflies flying all around her. The warm balls of glowing yellow light lit up the dark room.
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