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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 867: Ending (28)

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Chapter 867: Ending (28)

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"How many times do I need to repeat it for you to believe it?" Song Xiangsi stared back into Xu Jiamu's eyes. After a pause, she spoke again. "Yes, I aborted your child..."

Xu Jiamu's expression instantly turned sinister. He aggressively grabbed her shoulder and violently shook her. Her head slammed into the dining table with a loud thud.

The pain drilled right into Song Xiangsi's heart, but besides her pale complexion, she appeared completely calm and emotionless.

Her stillness successfully defeated Xu Jiamu's heart, making him completely lose his sense. Without so much as a second thought, he raised his arms to strangle her. "Give me back my child! Give me back my child! I'll strangle you to death! Strangle you to death!"

Song Xiangsi just shut her eyes, completely composed, as she let him strangle her. She didn't struggle, fight back, or beg for mercy.

Her breathing gradually became unsteady, and just when she thought she was really going to die of suffocation, he suddenly let go of her neck. He brutally seized her from the dining table and shoved her hard onto the sofa by the side.

Song Xiangsi was dizzy from being thrown around. She instinctively covered her abdomen, as she heard the deafening crash of something being smashed.

She turned her head to see Xu Jiamu like an all-out crazy person, hurling any object that could be lifted to the ground. He even carried the dining chair and threw it all over the place, smashing all the glass lights. As they came scattering down, some crashed onto his head and cut his own face, but he didn't react to it at all.

The sound of breaking glass rang for over an hour before it came to a stop. The entire living room was in tatters and there was practically nowhere to stand. At that moment, Xu Jiamu had used up all his strength. He stared at her, heaving, for a long long time, before he staggered over. He stooped down, grabbed her chin and stared directly into her eyes. With curled lips, he started to chuckle. "Song Xiangsi, you're something... You're really something...

"You’re far more ruthless than I imagined... They say no matter how vicious, a tiger would never eat their own... You're so fucking heartless, you even killed your own child!

"What fucking right do you have to abort my child? Did you ever ask me?"

"Huh huh..." As Xu Jiamu spoke, he started to laugh on his own. His eyes became wet, and he wouldn't stop nodding at her. Then, all of a sudden, he opened his eyes, and stared out into the dark skies out the window. "Eight years... After today, we'd have known each other for eight years..."

Eight years... such a long long time... all of a sudden, he felt a little bewildered.

He wanted to propose to her tonight, but that beautiful idea completely shattered with her abortion papers.

She didn't want his child, so why would she care for him?

That's right... He always thought that he loved her, but he never considered whether she ever liked him after their whole deal.

Xu Jiamu let out another chuckle. He stared into her pretty, teary, red eyes, and after much thought, said, "Song Xiangsi, from today onwards we have absolutely nothing to do with each other!"
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