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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 857: Ending(18)

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Chapter 857: Ending(18)
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Xu Jiamu stopped and reached for his phone. It was an unknown number. After hesitating slightly, he answered the call.


Song Xiangsi wasn't far from Xu Jiamu when his phone rang. Instinctively, she turned.The instance he picked up the call, his face fell, and the next instance he dashed out of the hotel.

Something must have happened. Song Xiangsi hesitated for a heartbeat before finally following right after him.

When his car started, she pulled open the passenger seat and planted herself down. Xu Jiamu took a quick glance, and without chasing her out he slammed into the accelerator, turning the steering wheel.

The car was silent the entire journey. Xu Jiamu drove over the speed limit, and Song Xiangsi could distinctively feel his hands trembling as he held onto the steering wheel.

The car stopped at the entrance of People's Hospital. Xu Jiamu didn't head to the emergency building but instead continued on to the remote mortuary.

There was a policeman standing outside it. He seemed to recognize Xu Jiamu, for he brought him in when he arrived.

Song Xiangsi stood at the entrance, absorbing the eeriness that the place was emitting. She stilled, hesitated, but in the end, she still wasn't able to enter.

The policeman led Xu Jiamu to one of the beds.

There was a corpse lying there, its face covered with a piece of white cloth.

Xu Jiamu stared at the white cloth for a long while, trembling. In time, he pulled it downwards, revealing Han Ruchu's pale but peaceful face.

"She bit her tongue and choked to death on the blood."

Song Xiangsi turned to glance at Xu Jiamu.

He had on a solemn expression. Not once did he open his mouth as he gazed at Han Ruchu.

The room was silent. After about five minutes, Xu Jiamu released the white cloth and took a step back. "Contact the crematorium."

His voice was calm but Song Xiangsi could see moisture welling up in his eyes.


Han Ruchu was an only child. When she married Xu Wanli, the Han family's business went under Xu family's business.

After her parents passed away, Han Ruchu rarely contacted the relatives from her side of the family.

Originally, she had some close friends within the circle, but after so many things happened, her reputation was in tatters. No one was willing to be in contact with her, and since she didn't contact others much, gradually she was left all by herself.

When she was still alive, there weren’t many people she was close to and now that she was dead, why would anyone be willing to send her off?

Even her husband Xu Wanli was currently impossible to contact overseas.

In the end, on her deathbed, the only one there was the son who she believed had betrayed and abandoned her.

Xu Jiamu didn't hold a funeral for her. Funerals were meant for people to mourn but his mother's life had been surrounded by schemes and menace, even if he held one, it would end up as a joke.

Throughout the entire cremation and burial, Song Xiangsi stayed by his side.
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