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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 845: Ending(6)

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Chapter 845: Ending(6)
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But so what?

Cheng Yang was never bothered by her past, he only wanted to think of their future.

Recently, even though he hadn't contacted her, he would still think of her and care for her. He just wanted to find out if he existed in her heart...

But who knew that this was going to happen?

"Xiaxia..." Cheng Yang murmured, his voice choked up.

Qiao Anhao knelt beside him, sobbing on Lu Jinnian's chest. Her hands clenched onto his shirt, scrunching it into a crumpled mess.

After a long while, her stomach started to hurt, the pain causing her to shiver uncontrollably in Lu Jinnian's arms.

Outside "Bliss for a Hundred Years", the ambulance could be heard.


When Xu Jiamu and Song Xiangsi left the police station, it was already 5 pm. The sun had set and the streets were basked in a warm shade of red.

In the police station they were preoccupied, but now that they were out, they saw the text from Lu Jinnian informing them that Qiao Anxia was out of danger but was still asleep. Cheng Yang was there guarding her but the dagger had slashed deep into her ovaries, hence, she might never be able to get pregnant.

There were still remnants of bloodstains on Xu Jiamu’s face which stood out when his face paled. Han Ruchu had gone crazy in the interrogation room, slashing him maniacally.

Xu Jiamu drove the car with the parking ticket to the police station.

When they were close to it, Song Xiangsi glanced over at him, noticing that he didn't seem alright. "I'll drive."

Xu Jiamu hesitated, turning to look at her, then pulled over and went to the passenger seat.

Song Xiangsi started the car and headed into the road, glancing at Xu Jiamu at the turn. He was lying against the seat, his eyes shut, a calm expression on his face.

She never once disrupted his rest. When they reached Su Yuan apartment's underground car park, he had already opened his eyes. Calmly, he asked, "Have we reached?"

Song Xiangsi nodded her head and he pushed open the door and alighted.

When they were back in the apartment, Xu Jiamu collapsed straight onto the sofa and shielded his eyes with a hand.

Silently, Song Xiangsi looked at him for a while before pouring him a cup of water. She set it on the coffee table gently before getting a first aid kid. Just when she was about to reach for his arm to treat it, she saw tears flowing down his face.

Song Xiangsi stilled.

Silence engulfed the room, and after about half a minute, Xu Jiamu started to cry softly.

Each sob he took pierced deep into Song Xiangsi’s heart, sending a deep pulse of heartache. Lifting her hands, she lightly held onto his arm, reassuring him. "It's alright, I’ll be here for you."

She had wanted to say that she would always be there for him.

But she knew that she couldn't, she could only be there at his most vulnerable. Once it was fine, she had to leave.

Because, by then, she would no longer be needed.
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