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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 840: Ending(1)

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Chapter 840: Ending(1)
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Everything happened too fast. Before Qiao Anhao had time to process the situation, someone flew in from the side, shielding her. Due to the force, she stumbled backwards, her waist bumping into the basin. She frowned as a sharp pain spread through her. Just then, she heard the piercing of flesh and the drop of blood on the floor.

At that instant, the world stopped.

Qiao Anhao didn't turn to look at the person in front of her, but she could recognize the familiar scent.

She looked past Qiao Anxia's shoulder to stare at Han Ruchu.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere, staining the white mask she wore with big blotches of blood.

It was a frightening sight.

Qiao Anhao's eyes widened, and her lips trembled. Slowly, she turned to look at Qiao Anxia, her face pale, breathing unstable.

She opened her mouth several times, before forcing out a single word, "Sis..."

In the silent environment, Qiao Anhao could distinctively hear blood dropping onto the ground.

She lowered her head, realizing that there was a puddle of blood by her feet. The next moment, she seemed to have gone crazy, shouting at the top of her lungs, "Lu Jinnian, Lu Jinnian, Lu Jinnian..."

The more she shouted, the hoarser her voice became, breaking slightly towards the end.

Zhao Meng who was outside hurried in first. "What's wrong, Qiao..."

The sight in the restroom startled her, her face paled and she swallowed her question, "Big, big Qiao... What happ....."

" Qiao Anxia, Qiao Anxia.... Don't scare me like that, don't do this..."

Qiao Anhao hurriedly reached over to cover her wound, stopping the blood from oozing out, but still, the blood continued to flow relentlessly. Anxious tears started to stream down Qiao Anhao's face, and even though she knew that she shouldn't vent her frustration elsewhere, she shouted at Zhao Meng, "Zhao Meng, are you dumb? Stop dreaming, why are you still in a daze? Hurry call for the ambulance and get Lu Jinnian..."

Her harsh tone seemed to have startled Zhao Meng out of her daze. Without thinking, she ran out shouting loudly, "Murder murder!

The dagger was already in Qiao Anxia's abdomen. When it was piercing through, Qiao Anxia had tried to struggle, holding onto it while Han Ruchu tried to pry it off her hands but gave up in the end.

When she heard Qiao Anhao's scream, she came back to her senses, laughing loudly as she stumbled backwards. Even though she had stabbed Qiao Anxia, she didn't seem to have realized it, mumbling continuously, "She's dead, she's dead! I finally killed that little slut, hahahaha..."

Han Ruchu threw her head backwards, laughing maniacally.

The restroom door flew open, and Lu Jinnian stood there. He first shouted out "Qiao Qiao" before taking in the frightening scene.
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