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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 815: Reminiscing about the Good Times (16)

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Chapter 815: Reminiscing about the Good Times (16)
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When Qiao Anhao arrived, there were only a few lamps on the sides. When she stepped onto the grass of hidden dim multicolored lights, she didn't feel a thing. In fact, she didn't even notice that there were decorations on the lawn in the center of the race track.

This was the surprise Lu Jinnian had prepared for her? When did he start to plan this behind her back?

She scanned her surroundings. It practically looked like a stunning, magical scene from the Grimm's fairy tales. Dumbfounded, she turned her head to look over at Lu Jinnian with hints of confusion in her eyes.

The multicolored lights shone with every color under the sun on his face, accentuating his rugged handsome good looks. He gazed deeply and intensely into her eyes, before he spoke with a voice like the most melodic song in the world. His relaxing, soothing voice tore open the sky. "Qiao Qiao, you know? You were once the warmth I tried my hardest to get close to."

She couldn't help but curve her lips and let out a giggle, as she wasn't used to his suddenly cheesy words. She felt something warm crash into her heart, which made her eyes a little wet.

Lu Jinnian quietly stared into her eyes with a look that made people unable to resist drowning within his infinite and inescapable charms. "It's not like you didn't know that your one casual smile could warm my entire world."

A gust of wind lightly blew by in the night. A few scattered petals were blown up into the air and swirled around before falling back down to the grass.

The numerous flashing multicolored lights suddenly turned light pink. One after the other, they lit up and then went out again.

The surrounding area was a romantic pink for a moment, then returned to a still darkness.

"Even though I've said things to express my feeling, and I've said many deeply emotional things, but at this very moment... I still want to tell you in all seriousness..." With that, Lu Jinnian slightly paused for a moment. The pink lights turned to blue. He looked into her eyes with extreme intensity, as though he was was saying a pledge. "Qiao Anhao, I love you."

Qiao Anhao couldn't smile anymore. She raised her hand and covered her mouth as tears filled her eyes.

"Since I just said those words, I love you even more."

In actuality, Lu Jinnian had prepared those words in advance. The moment he wrote them down, he thought it was pretentious and cheesy, but a proposal was a once in a lifetime thing. Other men proposed lovingly and affectionately, so he couldn't not do it.

Not only did he want to do it, he wanted it to be grand. He wanted to make up for his missing confession, and all the things they missed when they could of been dating.

"Right now, I love you more than a second ago...

"And I love you deeper with each passing minute...

"It continues to deepen...

Due to Lu Jinnian's words, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but let out another giggle, tears now flowing down her face.

The surrounding multicolored lights suddenly all went out, leaving the scene in complete darkness.

Lu Jinnian stood before her, silently staring at her for about half a minute. He reached his hand out and pulled out a square object, then without any hesitation, he slowly went down on one knee.
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