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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 812: Reminiscing about the Good Times (13)

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Chapter 812: Reminiscing about the Good Times (13)
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At the time, she thought that he had the wrong person...

At that thought, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but let out a faint sigh. "As long as you gave me the tiniest hint, we wouldn't have had so many near-misses."

After her sigh, she suddenly thought of something. She wrote another message on the paper. Since you liked me so much, why didn't you try to fight for me? Were you really willing to see me with someone else? If Brother Jiamu and I didn't get a divorce, for the rest of our lives, would we have never had a chance to be together?"

Qiao Anhao pushed the paper to Lu Jinnian, but then she suddenly started to feel a lingering sense of fear.

Luckily Brother Jiamu didn't like her and luckily her and Jiamu got a smooth divorce, otherwise, they would have really missed out on being with one another forever.

Lu Jinnian saw Qiao Anhao's three questions, but remained silent for a long while, before he picked the pen up and started writing.

He spent a long time, pausing between his writing. When he finally finished, he folded the paper and put it in front of Qiao Anhao.

She unfolded it to find that he had written over half a page.

Not willing... But there was nothing I could of done because I thought that Jiamu was the one you loved. I really wanted to fight for you, but I was afraid to trouble you. In my heart, Jiamu is a hundred times better than I am. He is more suited to be with you than I am. Even until now, I still think that I'm not worthy of you.

I thought that if I didn't see you, then I could forget you, but there there wasn't a single night or day where I didn't miss you. If my sense of longing could make a sound, it'd deafen your world.

When Qiao Anhao saw this, the rims of her eyes became red.

Every time you turned around to leave, in my heart, I really wanted to beg you not to leave me. However, there are two types of love; one is possessive, the other is accepting. I really want to possess you, but I couldn't be selfish, so I chose to accept.

To me, your happiness was my greatest happiness. If I knew earlier that besides me, nobody could ever make you happy, then I'd have definitely held your hand tightly and never let go.

If you and Jiamu hadn't gotten a divorce, I'd have rather swallowed all the pain than ever let you know what I had done for you. Because not burdening you was the only thing I could do for you back then. I had no other option but to do my best.

At first, she thought that he was cold, distant, and hated her a lot.

Only at this moment did she finally understand that behind his cold and reclusive exterior there was a heart far more emotional than that of anyone else.

Her tears crashed uncontrollably onto the letter. She grabbed the pen and raised her trembling hand, then wrote, If I had really did ended up with someone else, what would you have done?

As she penned those words, another large teardrop came crashing down, creating a ring of black ink.

Lu Jinnian replied with the most fitting words, I'd have never married. Would have been alone my whole life."


At seven, Lu Jinnian found an excuse to go to the bathroom and leave the library.

Qiao Anhao waited over ten minutes on her own, but he never came back. She pulled her phone out. Just when she was about to call him, she received his text.

[Aren't we going on a date tonight? School playground at half seven, see you there.]
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