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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 808: Reminiscing about the Good Times (9)

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Chapter 808: Reminiscing about the Good Times (9)
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Because through the window she could see the school's basketball court. Every Wednesday afternoon, during the third period, she would watch as Lu Jinnian played basketball during Class One's P.E. class.

He stared at her seat for a long while before turning his head to gaze back into Qiao Anhao's eyes. His tone of voice sounded quite lonely. "Back then, I thought that we could be classmates."

Qiao Anhao felt a hint of sadness and was unspeakably moved by what Lu Jinnian said at the same time.

When he was young, he deliberately left half the test empty just to be able to get into Class Three, yet she fought her way into Class One for him. With that, the two of them missed one another by pure chance.

It was like something was stuck in her throat... something that ached, something that was warm. Qiao Anhao curved the corners of her lips and spoke up in a slightly trembling voice. "What a coincidence, at the time, I also thought that we could be classmates."

Lu Jinnian stared at Qiao Anhao in astonishment, the feeling of being pleasantly surprised filling him. "You passed the test to get into Class One just so that we could be classmates?"

"Yeah." Qiao Anhao nodded as she casually leaned up against the desk. She seemed to be reminiscing about that year when she tilted her head for a long while. After some time, she said, "Now that I think about it, those were some nightmarish six months of studying just to get into Class One. I practically didn't sleep before 1 am..."

Before Qiao Anhao could finish, Lu Jinnian suddenly pulled her tightly into his arms. As they hugged, he said in a neutral voice, "So you also studied to get into A University because of me?"

"En," responded Qiao Anhao gently before covering his lips.

As they kissed, Lu Jinnian suddenly parted from her lips and said in an unsteady breath, "Qiao Qiao, I'm really happy."

'Truly, really happy.'

In those naive years of their youth, he wasn't the only one who worked hard, she was also fighting for the same thing.

'I am truly grateful to have fallen in love with you when I was young.'

Lu Jinnian covered Qiao Anhao's lips once again. The classroom was extremely silent, and the sunshine quietly shone through the windows and onto the layer of dust on the desks.

It was truly great.

That year, he met her, and that same year they started their story.

And thirteen years later, they were finally together. Even though their bodies had changed, he was the same young man in his bones, and she was still the youthful her deep in her blood.

After kissing for a long time, the two of them finally parted.

In the quiet classroom, the sound of their heaving breaths was the only thing that could be heard.

Even though Qiao Anhao was now someone's wife, and she was pregnant at that, the kiss made her face flush. She slightly lowered her head while standing in front of Lu Jinnian.

He looked down at her for a long while, before finally reaching his arm out to brush her hair behind her ears. He held her hand and said, "Come on, let's continue our walk."

They left the classroom hand-in-hand, walking in the direction of Class One. The two of them didn't actually go in, but when they passed the window, they still halted and peaked inside.

The blackboard wasn't erased. There were a few graphs drawn on it with a complicated array of formulas.

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