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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 796: The Love Letter from the Past(7)

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Chapter 796: The Love Letter from the Past(7)
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Chen Yang's face fell, turning cold.

Today was the finale for the Hollywood movie's female lead competition, and Lu Jinnian had ran onto the stage in agitation after Qiao Anhao said she was pregnant. Qiao Anxia was smiling happily then, and she even exclaimed, "Qiao Qiao is pregnant, I'm going to be an aunt."

But her face fell slightly afterwards as she stared straight at the screen. He tried to call her several times but she was clearly in a daze. In the end, he left the apartment and walked off his frustration before returning.

There were some things that he had already witnessed and was well aware of but because of his love for her, he could only act ignorant as though he didn't know anything.

But he could only endure it for that many times, he could no longer keep track of the number of times she was kept awake by the knowledge of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian's marriage.

Qiao Anxia watched the video until the end. She covered her mouth, unable to keep her tears from flowing.

Cheng Yang sat at the side, watching her every move.

After a long while, Qiao Anxia finally calmed down. She placed the phone on the pillow, removed her earphones, and was prepared to leave the bed. Just then, she caught sight of a figure. Startled, she trembled slightly before turning to get a closer look. When she saw that it was Cheng Yang, she froze slightly, forcing a smile. "Cheng Yang, why are you awake?"

He continued to stare at her in silence.

This was the first time ever since they got together that he looked at her in such a way. Worry and fear slowly crept into her heart, and her gaze darted around nervously, avoiding his eyes. She reached forward to grab onto his arms. The moment he felt her sharp nails, he yanked her away violently. Tossing the blanket aside, he quickly put on his clothes and headed out.

Qiao Anxia hurriedly followed behind. She reached out and grabbed onto his elbow once more. "Cheng Yang, are you angry?"

"What do you think?" He had wanted to control his temper but the suppressed fury within him finally erupted. "Qiao Anxia, I had enough, if you can't let go of him, let's break up."

Break up? Qiao Anxia's eyes went wide from shock.

Even Cheng Yang himself was surprised by what he said. He only processed the meaning after the words left him. He lowered his eyes and his mouth moved sightly—he wanted to apologize—but in the end, nothing came out. He pulled his arm from her hands and turned to leave.

Qiao Anxia only snapped back to her senses when she heard the slam of the door. Blinking, she raised her hand to caress her heart. Gradually, she started to process what had happened, and she actually felt terrified and worried from Cheng Yang's words.

In the past, whenever her boyfriend initiated a breakup, it didn't affect her, but now, it was different....

What was wrong with her?
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