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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 794: The Love Letter from the Past(5)

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Chapter 794: The Love Letter from the Past(5)
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Qiao Anhao didn't even bother to make a sound, she nodded her head biting onto the grape as she stared at the television.

Lu Jinnian used a toothpick to grab a melon. "Qiao Qiao, how did I become a father?"

Qiao Anhao reached up to massage her aching temples.

He hurriedly placed the toothpick down and raised his hands to help her massage her temples. "Qiao Qiao, are you not feeling well? Do you need to see a doctor? You should know that you're no longer one person..."

She yanked his hands away violently. "Lu Jinnian, ever since you found out about my pregnancy, you haven't stopped mentioning it!"

She glared at him angrily before leaving to the bathroom.

Lu Jinnian stood up anxiously. "Qiao Qiao..."

"Stop talking to me!" Qiao Anhao turned to cut him off. Lifting her arm, she pointed at him, infuriated. "Lu Jinnian, if you continue to show the baby so much concern and neglect me, I'll tell him that the night after he was made you got me contraceptives. You tried to kill him!"

Lu Jinnian's mouth fell open, and he started to do the calculations... It was really that night in America... At that instant, his soul left him, he turned around wanting to coax her but she had already closed the bathroom door.


After taking a shower, Qiao Anhao continued to ignore Lu Jinnian. She climbed under the blankets and shut her eyes.

Lu Jinnian rushed into the bathroom to take a quick shower before climbing into the bed beside her.

Using the faint glow from the night lamp, he glanced over at her and reached out his hand to feel for hers, but the moment he grabbed onto her, she flicked him away violently. Reaching over once more, he tightened his grip on her hands.

He lightly massaged her slender hands. "Qiao Qiao, I was just overjoyed... Don't be angry."

Qiao Anhao wasn't really angry. She knew that he would be ecstatic after finding out about her pregnancy, however, she never expected that his joy would be centered around the child the entire time, neglecting her. She started to feel a hint of jealousy but was fine after her shower.

But just as every woman would with the man she loved, she started to act coy. Even though she really wanted to forgive him, she still waited for him to give in before begrudgingly letting him go. Inside, she was overjoyed, but she remained impassive on the outside, murmuring, "Mmh."

Lu Jinnian leaned over slightly. When she didn't move away from his closeness, he reached out to pull her into his embrace, promising her seriously as though making an oath, "Qiao Qiao, I will be a good father, but before that, I will be a good husband."

Was he trying to hint that even after the baby is born, she would still be his priority?

Qiao Anhao wriggled closer towards him. "I know that you're worried because of the first baby, I was wrong in getting mad."
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