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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 779: Xu Jiamu's Decision (39)

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Chapter 779: Xu Jiamu's Decision (39)
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After over ten minutes, Xu Jiamu suddenly spoke up. "Xiangsi."

He often called her Song Xiangsi, but she very rarely heard Xiangsi alone.

With the night view in the backdrop, his voice was gentle and slowly stumbled straight into her heart.

With a glint in her eye, she turned her head. "Hm?"

"Didn't they ask you to to be a guest at tomorrow night's Hollywood casting competition?"

"Yeah." At the mention of it, Song Xiangsi started to get angry. She couldn't help but say, "That manager of mine really is something... Just can't give me a break. I'm on holiday, holiday, holiday! In the middle of my holiday, she set up for some guest appearance nonsense. It's just several hundred million to appear? Do I even care for it? I... Also, can those contestant's acting skills even compare to mine? Do I even want to go see them perform? I... She really pisses me off!"

In the face of Song Xiangsi's rage, Xu Jiamu was calm. "Then do me a favor tomorrow."

"What?" she instantly fell silent.

"Before Qiao Qiao gets on stage tomorrow, find a way for me to go up first. Give me ten minutes. Ten minutes will be enough."

This was a difficult request, yet Song Xiangsi was quite enthusiastic. "Are you suggesting that I won't be bored tomorrow when I make a guest appearance?"

"..." Xu Jiamu thought that Song Xiangsi really didn't think the same way as other people. He asked as though he was looking for something, "Is there a problem?"

"What problem could there be?" Song Xiangsi pulled a face and said disapprovingly, "Let me tell you, if the queen, I, open my golden mouth, let's not mention ten minutes, they'd give me ten hours! If they don't give it to me, then I'll just walk out on being a guest!"

As she said this, Song Xiangsi raised her hand and patted Xu Jiamu's shoulder. "If I walk out tomorrow and they don't give me ten minutes, remember to pay me back for breaching the contract!"



On the day of the competition at five in the afternoon, the assistant drove to Mian Xiu Garden to pick up Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian.

When they reached the competition place, they bumped into Zhao Meng, from whom Qiao Anhao learned about a new rumor having just hit the internet.

There were several photos of Lu Jinnian with the director and producer in charge of the Hollywood casting together at dinner. An insider revealed that Lu Jinnian had paid thirty percent of the investment in this movie. Another insider revealed that no matter if Qiao Anhao performed well or not in the finals, she would definitely land the role.

Qiao Anhao was already the focal point of recent rumors. With this news, a bunch of people would launch an attack on her. They'd say she has poor moral standing and that the only reason she got into the finals was because she had a backer. Another group of people would launch an attack on the competition and Lu Jinnian.

Qiao Anhao roughly glanced over it, then handed the phone back to Zhao Meng.

At this very moment, she could not be bothered with this kind of rumor. No matter how they scolded her online, it didn't matter. Later on, she had a counterattack!


Before Xu Jiamu went to the competition, he first stopped by the Xu family estate.

When Han Ruchu saw him, she was so shocked, she threw herself at him and hugged him.
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