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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 772: Xu Jiamu's Decision (32)

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Chapter 772: Xu Jiamu's Decision (32)
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Xu Jiamu couldn't help but stare at the phone screen, as he stood still by the side of the car.

In the video, Lu Jinnian appeared stylish and calm throughout, but when he spoke about Qiao Anhao, there was clearly a hint of gentleness between his brows.

Xu Jiamu had always known that Lu Jinnian had a girl he liked.

He only knew because his brother had let it slip one time when he was drunk. He revealed just a little and then was knocked out.

He was always curious to find out just who that woman was.

But he never imagined that the woman Lu Jinnian loved was actually Qiao Anhao.

As Lu Jinnian spoke, Xu Jiamu thought back to when he had helped him order a cake for Qiao Anhao from Black Swan. The cake cost five figures. At the time, he gave Lu Jinnian his credit card, to have it returned to him without a cent spent. Xu Jiamu had especially asked him worriedly, "Bro, where did you get the money to buy the cake?"

Lu Jinnian flipped through the physics book and said flatly, "I have it."

Xu Jiamu had actually wanted to give him the money but he didn't want it, so he dropped it, afraid to hurt his pride.

But then later, there was a long period of time where he would reject his invitations to play ball.

After a considerably long amount of time, he went to a bar, and incidentally heard from a bartender that he worked there for a few months.

At the time, he didn't think much of it, not really seeing a point to it. Now that Lu Jinnian was saying all this, he finally understood. He bought the cake with the money he earned working those nights.

Later, when he had money, he didn't confess because he knew that Qiao Anhao was engaged.

He remembered... there was a time, at a party, where he casually asked if he really had an engagement with the Qiao family.

He said yes.

He even asked, Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao?

He said Xiao Qiao.

Because of his single reply, did he give up on the girl he had had a crush on for so many years?

Because he was his little brother... was he trying to say that he absolutely wouldn't touch his brother's fiance?

The rims of Xu Jiamu's eyes became a little red.

Time goes by... In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed. He thought he knew some things, but now, he realized that he’d known nothing.

That icy arrogant older brother who always treated him as his closest relative had forced himself to let go of his love.

In truth... he just didn’t know it was like that... He didn't have to marry Qiao Qiao, but out of the many women he could of been engaged to, he liked her the most.

If he knew that he liked Qiao Qiao, he definitely, definitely, definitely wouldn't have said he'd choose Qiao Qiao.

He definitely, definitely, definitely would have helped him get Qiao Qiao.

Even to this very moment, whilst everyone abandoned the woman he loved, Lu Jinnian stood up to protect and guard her. He never wanted to uncover the truth that he had actually pretended to be his brother.

Xu Jiamu put his phone into his pocket, then slightly turned his head and took a deep breath. He was trying to force his tears back when he saw a car park at the entrance of the villa in front of him. Qiao Anhao got out of it with a stack of papers. She waved goodbye at the person in the car. After she waited for the car to leave, she turned to open the door and accidentally dropped the papers.
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