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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 736: Decision (1)

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Chapter 736: Decision (1)
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"Hello, am I speaking to Miss Qiao Anhao?" a woman said quickly over the phone.

It was someone Qiao Anhao didn't recognize. She hesitated for a moment, but still retained her manners. "Uh huh, that's me. May I ask, you are..."

Before she could finish speaking, the woman on the phone rushed to get the first word in. "Miss Qiao Anhao, I am a reporter for HF. I'm calling to interview you for a moment..."

The reporter didn't ask for Qiao Anhao's opinion, but continued with another question. "Is it true that you and the current CEO of Xu Enterprise Xu Jiamu were once married?"

As Qiao Anhao held the phone and heard those sudden words, she couldn't quite register what the woman had just said.

Very few people knew that she and Xu Jiamu were married, so how would a reporter suddenly bring this up to her?

In the midst of Qiao Anhao's suspicions, the reporter asked a series of questions over the phone. "Miss Qiao Anhao, for what reason did you and Mr. Xu Jiamu get a divorce? Did it have something to do with Lu Jinnian? Did you really have an affair with him while being married? Did you really, as the online news says, fool around with both brothers at the same time? Miss Qiao Anhao, why are you so silent? Does your silence suggest you admit to the claims?"

Towards the end, the reporter's tone of voice had clearly become pressing and demanding.

At that very moment, Qiao Anhao finally understood what was happening. She used her most composed tone of voice and hastily told the reporter on the phone, "Apologies, I don't accept interviews."

Then she didn't wait for the reporter to ask any more penetrating questions and hung up.

Qiao Anhao completely forgot that she had picked up her phone to call Lu Jinnian before. She rushed over in front of the computer and opened Weibo. As expected, her name was in the headlines.

She clicked onto it and saw the wedding photo of her and Lu Jinnian as Xu Jiamu at a small wedding venue. Then there was another photo of her walking with linked arms with ‘Xu Jiamu’, and other photos from the reception.

Later, there were a few photos of her and Lu Jinnian having a meal together. Lu Jinnian was on the phone as she fed him a shrimp.

Qiao Anhao remembered... those photos were taken by who knows who not long after Xu Jiamu woke up but before they had gotten a divorce. At the time, those photos were sent to Han Ruchu. Because of them, that woman even went and caused a scene at the Qiao family estate.

The final photo was a relationship chart which read that Lu Jinnian was Xu Jiamu's step brother from a different mother, and Qiao Anhao was the latter’s ex-wife and the former’s current wife. There was also a note that said that before she and Xu Jiamu got divorced, she was already fooling around with Lu Jinnian...

Just as Qiao Anhao read the news about this, the doorbell suddenly rang on the first floor.

She hurriedly let go of the mouse and rushed downstairs. Before she opened the door, she raised her head to look over at the surveillance cameras on the wall out of habit. It was hard to say when they came, but now there were several parked cars and a flurry of reporters gathered outside the door. Everyone carried their own cameras and microphones, some of which flashed endlessly. There were even some reporters who had already started explaining into their cameras that this was her and Lu Jinnian's home.
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