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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 735: The Lu Qiao Couple (24)

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Chapter 735: The Lu Qiao Couple (24)
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Han Ruchu subconsciously halted. She turned her head and looked over at the television screen that was as large as half the wall.

There was Qiao Anhao holding a microphone and giving a self-introduction in front of everyone. Then she quietly stood at the center of the stage and started to sing.

Her voice was pure and soft. She sounded beautiful and pleasant to listen to.

Not to mention the live audience and the judges, even the two servants watching the TV were transfixed by her song.

When Qiao Anhao finished singing, the judges were obviously surprised and excited. They were always picky, but this time they surprisingly couldn't stop complimenting Qiao Anhao. The woman herself stood at the center of the stage, composed and graceful, with a smile that made her eyes curve.

That smile pierced Han Ruchu's eyes.

If it weren't for her, how could her son, Xu Jiamu, ignore her, his mother?

If it weren't for her, how could she lose her reputation in Beijing's business industry? And have her good relationships with her lady friends ruined to the point they all alienated her.

If it weren't for her... how could she, Han Ruchu, be in such an embarrassing state today?

So she was participating in a selection show? So her performance was shocking? So she wanted to be famous online? So she wanted to look perfect in everyone's eyes?

Alright... Since you now gained a name and garnered enough attention on yourself, I'll use what you won and ruin your reputation. I'll make you carry the name of a fickle woman!

With that thought, Han Ruchu curved her lips into a cold smirk. She suddenly cried the housekeeper's name, "Aunt Yun."

She didn't know what the woman was doing in her bedroom when she heard an "Ai", and she was late to come out. Han Ruchu then screamed with a higher pitch, "Aunt Yun!"

"Madam..." The housekeeper ran out of her room in a hurry. "Madam, I was just on the toilet."

Han Ruchu didn't even say a word. She only shot a look towards her room, then strode up the stairs.

The housekeeper immediately followed.

After they went into the bedroom, the housekeeper closed the door. "Madam, you were looking for me?"

Han Ruchu gave a cold nod of the head, then made a hand gesture at the housekeeper and whispered a few words into her ear. "You got it?"

The housekeeper nodded frantically. "Got it, madam. Don't worry, I'll go do as you ask now."


This time, the organizers for Hollywood's casting selection set up a poll on Weibo to add points for the next round of top eight contestants.

Qiao Anhao knew that her performance last night really stood out, but she never imagined that the day after the competition, she'd casually go on Weibo to find that her name was in top place among those in the poll, leading with almost ten million votes over the holder of the second place.

After breakfast, Lu Jinnian was busy, so he had to leave the house.

After the competition for the top eight contestants was set for Monday, Qiao Anhao spread out in front of the computer and racked her brain over what she could do in the next competition to make the show more outstanding.

She thought about it for the whole afternoon, and before it finally reached four o'clock, she thought of the most spectacular idea. Just as she gleefully picked up her phone, ready to call Lu Jinnian and tell him the results, she suddenly received a call.

The incoming call was from an anonymous number.

Qiao Anhao paused for a moment before taking the call and politely said, "Hello."

"Hello, am I speaking to Miss Qiao Anhao?" a woman said quickly over the phone.
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