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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 705: Scandal (2)

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Chapter 705: Scandal (2)
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Another weibo post read, "Qiao Anhao claims Lu Jinnian is her husband, but she doesn't wear a wedding ring?"

There was another video, which Qiao Anhao recognized was taken from the make up room of "Love at First Sight". She didn't know who secretly shot it, but it was taken of her whilst a young girl was asking her if Lu Jinnian really was her boyfriend. She replied, no, Lu Jinnian was her husband.

Beneath the topic [Qiao Anhao, Man Chaser], there were already a dozen million posts.

Qiao Anhao roughly swept through them. From the replies, there were barely anyone who stood on her side and helped her.

Lu Jinnian's fans were always tough. Now that people had seen her hug him and cry, and then claim he was her husband, it attracted a flood of crazed rants. Of course, every public figure had some haters, who without doubt ranted even more seriously.

Apart from this, the other replies either called her shameless or a man chaser, and there were arguments which sounded better. There was 'chicken soup for the soul' 1 kind of words for example, women mustn't be without dignity and integrity, or others would look down on you. But ultimately behind these tactful words, they were still secretly suggesting that she was harassing Lu Jinnian.

Qiao Anhao couldn't completely ignore these headlines, and in her heart, she felt a little uncomfortable. After all, so many people were ranting about her. If it were anyone else, they couldn't really be in good spirits and pretend as though nothing had happened either.

To stop herself from being alone and paying attention to such meaningless scandals, Qiao Anhao figured she may as well meet up with Zhao Meng for lunch at ACR.

ACR was a first-class department store in Beijing with restaurants.

The cheapest items up for sale there started from five figures and up.

Qiao Anhao originally wanted to have lunch with Zhao Meng, then casually go shopping, so they found a Japanese restaurant. After making their order and before the dishes arrived on the table, Zhao Meng, who sat opposite her, sent her a few screenshots that completely made her lose her appetite.

Those few screenshots were sent by a second-rate actress who Zhao Meng was friendly with.

Those pictures were from a Wechat group chat.

There weren't many people in it, perhaps a dozen, all from within the entertainment industry.

It was someone in the group who brought up the headline of her harassing Lu Jinnian. That person asked if she and Mr. Lu were really married.

As a result, it brought on Lin Shiyi's sarcasm and nasty comments. [What do you think? If Mr. Lu really married her, would he not even give her a ring?]

[Besides... if a man really loves a woman, would he be willing to part with her at the airport in front of so many people whilst she hugged and cried so miserably?]

[In my opinion, Mr. Lu must've been harassed by her so bad he had no choice and forced himself to be with her. Most importantly, if she really was Mr. Lu's wife, wouldn't he bring her on dinner parties and such?]

Even though Lu Jinnian's personality wasn't that great, but he was good looking and rich. He was indeed many women's dream man. When Lin Shiyi said things like that, a lot of people went along with her.

Further in the screenshot, Lin Shiyi threw the words, [If you don't sleep with those women who throw themselves at men, then it's a waste. She really thought that she could just go around and tell people that Mr. Lu is her husband, as though she could ever marry him!]
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