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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 703: Explanation (12)

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Chapter 703: Explanation (12)
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"What charity gala?" The assistant's random words made Lu Jinnian a little annoyed, and his voice turned cold. "Can you explain what you said?"

The assistant finally understood that Lu Jinnian really wasn't behind the charity gala incident.

He could feel Lu Jinnian's annoyance, and hastily explained the ins and outs of what happened. "It's like this Mr. Lu... I heard about it from my wife. Her course mate from university married Chief Liang of Wanhe two years ago. Tonight, she attended the annual charity ball in Beijing, where the Xu family won the fierce bid for the final item, but when Madam Xu went up on stage to accept it, the background music stopped. Then a recording with Madam Xu and a man's voice was broadcasted. The recording was about Madam Xu killing Miss Qiao's child..."

When the assistant said this, Lu Jinnian's brows gradually started to crease.

"I asked my wife what she roughly heard on the recording. Though it wasn’t the complete story, but I can be certain that it was a conversation between you and Han Ruchu. About your phone call... I recorded it on the recording pen. Wasn't it in your possession? I thought you were the one who did it tonight..."

With that, Lu Jinnian completely understood the ins and outs of what happened.

"Mr. Lu, for someone to unveil the proud Mrs. Han Ruchu's true self, her expression at the time must of been rich! What a shame we weren't there," lamented the assistant in utter regret.

After silently listening to the assistant for so long, Lu Jinnian suddenly asked, "About the recording pen, besides you and I, who else would know?"

The assistant was stunned by his question, then casually said, "Miss Qiao."

Following the assistant's voice, Lu Jinnian said the same name, "Qiao Qiao."

That's right. It must of been her.

What his assistant said was right. There was only one recording pen, and it was in the cabinet of Mian Xiu Garden. That was where Qiao Anhao lived, so she was most likely to find the pen, and what's more, she attended the charity gala tonight.

No wonder tonight... she suddenly said so much to explain herself about Valentine's day last year. She even told him that she wasn't the one who sent those messages. He was so happy, he forgot to ask the key question; she was unconscious, so how would she have known about the texts between them? Unless she learned about what happened after looking through the phone...

She actually unveiled Han Ruchu's true self in front of the entire circle of Beijing's wealthiest!

Han Ruchu was Xu Jiamu's biological mother, and didn't she like Xu Jiamu for a really really long time?

Even till now, she still saw Xu Jiamu as the most important person in her life.

But she chose to give up on Xu Jiamu for their child... to stand up for their marriage...

That woman called Qiao Anhao... just how much did she want to surprise and move him before she gave up?

"Mr. Lu? Mr. Lu?" The assistant couldn't help but remind Lu Jinnian about them still being on the call when the silence stretched.

Lu Jinnian snapped back to his senses and didn't hesitate to say, "Book me a ticket for the earliest flight back home this instant."

When Lu Jinnian finished speaking, he hung up and started to pack his suitcase.
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