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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 689: Text Messages on the Phone (40)

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Chapter 689: Text Messages on the Phone (40)
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Mother Qiao, who sat by Qiao Anhao's side, was speechless when she heard the news. After a while, she turned her head in shock. She stared at Qiao Anhao, then asked, "Qiao Qiao? Is this true? You had a baby?"

Qiao Anhao had waited all night for this very moment.

Not only did she want Han Ruchu's reputation ruined in front of the entire circle of Beijing's wealthiest, she wanted for the Qiao family to side with her and become enemies!

Even if she wasn't uncle and auntie's biological daughter, they were still a family and the same blood ran in their bodies. What's more, she was raised by them for almost twenty years.

If they knew about just how cruelly Han Ruchu had treated her...

Qiao Anhao let out a cold chuckle, then she put on a shocked expression on her face and the bottom of her eyes began to fog up. "I don't know what’s going on... I did have a baby, but the baby died in the womb. I was definitely pregnant around the time Aunt Xu gave me the swallow's nest..."

With those words, two lines of tears rolled down Qiao Anhao's face. "Auntie, Aunt Xu put sleeping pills in my swallow's nest and killed my baby..."

On stage, having to face everyone's finger pointing, Han Ruchu couldn't take it any longer!

Before the auction even started, she had already gotten into an argument with Qiao Anhao, and now because of the baby, her reputation was ruined...

The image she had worked so hard to uphold all these years, gone! Just like that! Gone!

Han Ruchu instantly looked like she was going to crumble. As though she had nothing to lose, she suddenly stomped down from the stage and headed straight towards Qiao Anhao, then smacked her with the bag in her hand. "You little bitch, did you do this?!"

Qiao Anhao knew that as soon as the recording was broadcasted, Han Ruchu would definitely flip out, but she never imagined that she would actually lose control like this. She actually was going to hit her in front of so many people!

But... Qiao Anhao liked that, because only then could she act delicate and pitiful. It would make people sympathize with her, and at the same time unveil the truth due to Han Ruchu’s anger and shame!

Without any intention of dodging, Qiao Anhao looked at the handbag flying at her, allowing it to smack her on the head.

To endure one moment's pain for Han Ruchu’s irrevocable situation. It was well worth it!

As the pain struck Qiao Anhao, she discreetly clenched her teeth and cried streams of tears. She stared pitifully at Mother and Father Qiao. With a little shock and panic, she cried, "Uncle, Auntie."

Mother Qiao's personality was quite similar to Qiao Anxia’s - incredibly protective.

When Han Ruchu first gave Qiao Anhao those two boxes of swallow's nest, Mother Qiao had seen Qiao Anhao run to the toilets to vomit a few times when she came over in the afternoon that same day to watch TV together at the Qiao family estate. At the time, she told her that she must've eaten something bad on set, so she didn't think much of it.

Now, after mingling in the business industry for so many years and hearing the broadcasted recording released by an anonymous person, she instantly understood. Already angered beyond restraint, she now saw Han Ruchu actually physically hit Qiao Anhao, and her temper was set alight.

She unexpectedly stood up and addressed the woman by her full name. "Han Ruchu, just what the hell do you want? What evidence do you have to be so sure it was our Qiao Qiao who did this!"
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