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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 684: Text Messages on the Phone (35)

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Chapter 684: Text Messages on the Phone (35)
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After last year's birthday fiasco, surely she must think she's wretched!

She was certainly someone who had experienced turbulent winds and waves. Having bumped into her again, she pretended like nothing has happened at all!

But, that was fine. Even if she pretended, she had ways to make her so angry she'll cough up blood!

Qiao Anhao wore a bright and gentle smile on her face when she walked up to Han Ruchu, as though she'd met an elder she trusted. She reached her hand and linked arms with her as she sweetly said, "Aunt Xu, so here you are. I've looked for a good half a day for you. I have something to tell you..."

Qiao Anhao drew closer to Han Ruchu's ear and said in a low voice, which only the two of them could hear, "After wishing you a happy birthday, l haven't even wished you a happy New Year yet!"

It'll be fine if Qiao Anhao hadn't mentioned the birthday, but as soon as she did so, she could feel Han Ruchu's body stiffen up. To keep the smile on her face, she became a little tense. Qiao Anhao shot a beaming smile then drew away from her ear, as though she had just whispered the sweetest thing. She waved her arms and said, "Aunt Xu, are you happy!"

"Madam Xu, this is?" asked a smiling middle-aged woman, who had been chatting with Han Ruchu.

Han Ruchu secretly tugged her own arm, wanting to pull away from Qiao Anhao's hold, however, it only made Qiao Anhao hug tighter. A burning flame rose endlessly in Han Ruchu's heart, and she used all her strength to suppress herself. After using an enormous amount of energy, she finally forced out a composed smile. She looked at the middle-aged woman, and retaining her calm tone of voice said, "This is the Qiao family's daughter."

"Hello, I'm Qiao Anhao." In comparison to the nestling fire in Han Ruchu's heart, Qiao Anhao felt extremely carefree. She reached her arm out and touched her glass against the middle-aged woman's in front of her, then elegantly took a sip of red wine.

"Qiao Anhao, I know. The supporting actress on Alluring Times."

"So you've watched my drama..."

Hearing Qiao Anhao and the woman, who Han Ruchu was originally having a casual conversation with, start to chat enthusiastically, somehow randomly agitated Han Ruchu. She raised her glass and downed her drink. Then she shut her eyes, took a deep breath, and turned around to shoot a warm smile at Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Qiao, your auntie is over there, have you said 'hello' to her yet?"

How could Qiao Anhao not know Han Ruchu wanted to send her on her way, but what a shame... she would never let her get what she wants!

Not only did she not leave, she was ready to stifle her even more!

"I've only just said 'hello' to Auntie." Qiao Anhao blinked as though she'd just thought of something. Then she suddenly said, "Oh, that's right. Aunt Xu, I forgot I have something else to tell you..."

With that, Qiao Anhao drew closer to Han Ruchu's ear, then said in a low voice only the two of them could hear, "Last year's Chinese Valentine's day, does Aunt Xu know why I could of possibly fallen down the stairs at the Xu family estate?"

"Has Jiamu told you?" asked Han Ruchu as if from a conditioned reflex as soon as she heard Qiao Anhao's words.

In truth, Qiao Anhao hadn't known why she had fallen down the stairs back then: was it an accident or someone's scheme.

The reason she mentioned it was because of the thoughts that rose in her mind after scouring through Lu Jinnian's drawer.

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