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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 673: Text Messages on the Phone(24)

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Chapter 673: Text Messages on the Phone(24)
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

The next day, Lu Jinnian woke up to a phone call. When he opened his eyes, the skies were already bright.

He frowned, not used to the light. Reaching for his phone, he realized that it was already 11 pm. After half a minute of confusion, he picked the call.

It was a call from America - there was an emergency meeting that he was needed in, and they had already booked a ticket for him.

After hanging up, he glanced at the time, it was three hours away from his flight. Instead of rushing to get out of bed, he shut his eyes, hugging Qiao Anhao.

She was a comfortable bundle in his arms. The traces of the passionate night before were still evident in her scent, and it seemed to have a calming effect, putting him at ease.

He still couldn't believe that in just five months, there would actually be a day when he could sleep till daybreak. It was as if the past five months in America, where he spent his sleepless nights smoking, were just a distant nightmare.

No one knew how he was able to endure even a second in those few months in America.

He loved her so much. Even after she had hurt him that badly, he still couldn't stop loving her.

But at the same time, he hated her, hated that she could be so cruel to him.

He had tried to forget her and yet spent his sleepless nights thinking about her.

It was such a dilemma, living in torture.

If he could, he never wanted to tell anyone of that dark experience.

If it was not for Lucy, he probably would have died in a foreign country,

Lu Jinnian opened his eyes, to look at what he had never taken off even when he showered or swam.

The scene of the night he received the text while waiting outside Qiao house flashed past his mind but he no longer felt the same suffocating pain and heartbreak. Instead, it felt like a daze, as though it hadn’t happened to him.

So... The woman he loved had such a strong power, she could push him into hell, and at the same time, bring him back to life.

Regardless, she finally fell in love with him, right?

If thirteen years of heartache and love were able to bring him happiness for the rest of his life, he was satisfied.

Finally, the Heavens were shinning on him.

Lu Jinnian's lips curled into a slight smile,. He tilted his head to look at the exhausted Qiao Anhao. Reaching out, he caressed her face lovingly before lowering his head to plant a kiss on her temples lightly, careful not to wake her. Silently, he entered the bathroom. When he was done preparing, he grabbed a note and left a message on the bathroom mirror before quickly packing his luggage and heading off.

After he started the car, he seemed to have remembered something. Reaching for his phone, he dialed a number. "Lucy, it's me... No, she's good... but could I trouble you to come over with your husband… Yea, I'll send you the directions in a moment. I have an emergency matter to tend to in America now… Yea, thank you…"

After hanging up, he looked towards the mansion that was shimmering under the sunlight before starting his car.

Even though she had believed him last night, he still wanted to invite Lucy over to explain it to her.

Even though he enjoyed her unease, he didn't want her to stay that way.
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