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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 670: Text Messages on the Phone(21)

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Chapter 670: Text Messages on the Phone(21)
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

"Wait, let me finish this."

Tilting her head upwards, Qiao Anhao downed the entire glass.

Passing the glass to Lu Jinnian, she seemed to have forgotten what she’d said. She turned to him and said hurriedly, "I’ll sleep now, I’m tired. We can talk tomorrow."

Without waiting for a response, she turned and ran up the stairs.

Lu Jinnian held onto the glass, his lips curled upwards as he gazed at the tiny figure running up.

He knew… She was afraid that he was going to say something she didn’t want to hear, and running away was her solution.

So… Qiao Qiao, does that mean that you actually care about me?

Lu Jinnian fiddled with the glass, leaning against the staircase, staring up at the ceiling lamp. At that moment, he could feel a heaviness that clouded his heart start to fade bit by bit.

After about two minutes, he averted his gaze, turning to the kitchen. After less than two steps, he felt something below his slippers. He looked down and saw a tiny red booklet with the words "Marriage certificate" written on the cover.

Lu Jinnian frowned, bending to pick it up. His certificate was locked in the cabinet in the study room, so this one must be Qiao Anhao’s?

Just a while ago, she had used it to brag, but now she had dropped it… Such a klutz.

Lu Jinnian shook his head with a indulgent smile on his face. He placed the glass in the kitchen before heading to the bedroom.

Qiao Anhao had already changed into her pajamas and was lying on the bed with her eyes shut, seemingly asleep.

Lu Jinnian walked towards the bed. When he saw her fluttering lashes, he knew that she was listening to his movements. Reaching out his with hand, he lightly pinched her tender face. "Qiao Qiao, where’s your marriage certificate?" 

Marriage certificate... Why was he asking about that? Did he want a divorce?  

Qiao Anhao clenched onto the bed sheets, shutting her lids tightly.

She was asleep, she couldn’t hear anything.

In order to appear realistic, she deliberately deepened her breathing, producing a slight snoring sound.

Lu Jinnian stood by the bed, patiently staring down at Qiao Anhao for a while before using the red booklet he picked up to lightly tap her face.  

Qiao Anhao’s temples moved. What did he use to tap her face? It seemed like a small booklet?

She lifted her lids slightly, and just then, she saw the red booklet in his hands. In order to see what it was, she lifted her lids a bit more. That was when the words "Marriage Certificate" came into sight.

Lu Jinnian was holding his marriage certificate... Why would he ask for her marriage certificate? He must want a divorce…

Qiao Anhao covered her entire head with the blanket.

She couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t hear anything, she didn’t know anything.

She was asleep.

Helplessly, Lu Jinnian laughed. Pausing slightly, he pondered how long it had been since he last laughed.

The next instance, he ripped the blanket, pulling Qiao Anhao out. Waving the red booklet in front of her, he said, "It’s yours…"
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