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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 660: Text Messages on the Phone (11)

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Chapter 660: Text Messages on the Phone (11)
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Qiao Anhao was afraid that Lu Jinnian was waiting for her, and so she hurriedly said goodbye to the young girl, then rushed over to the entrance. However, just as she walked a few steps forward, she suddenly heard the voice of someone crying.

"Qiao Anhao."

She halted for a moment. Why was Lin Shiyi calling her?

She thought about Lu Jinnian, who was still waiting for her outside, and didn't felt like being held back by Lin Shiyi, so she just ignored her and continued to walk away.

"Qiao Anhao!" Lin Shiyi shouted out even louder. After that, Qiao Anhao heard the hurried sound of high heels emerge behind her. Before her hand could pull the door open, Lin Shiyi was one step ahead, stopping in front to block her way.

Because she'd just been crying, her face didn't look so good, the rims of her eyes still red.

Qiao Anhao was a little annoyed by Lin Shiyi's pestering, so her tone of voice was hostile when she said, "Lin Shiyi, just what do you want? Perhaps you don't think that you were embarrassed enough..."

"Qiao Anhao, save your patronizing ways in front of me!" Lin Shiyi briskly interrupted Qiao Anhao's words. She curved her red lips into a mocking smirk, then said in a voice only the two of them could hear, clearly explaining the very reason why she had called her name. "Relax. I didn't call you to argue with you. I called you to tell you that your man, who just stood up for you - Lu Jinnian - do you think that he would really be devoted to you alone?"

Qiao Anhao's eyes slightly froze. Her lips moved, wanting to fight back with words, but Lin Shiyi didn't give the slightest chance. She continued to say in a low voice by her ear, "I'll tell you the truth. Last night at twelve at the Four Seasons hotel, I saw Lu Jinnian drive a beautiful foreign woman into the hotel. What's more, he entered the hotel room with her and stayed there for a really long time...

"Qiao Anhao, a man and a woman alone in a room together... in the middle of the night... what do you think happened between the two of them in the room? Most importantly, why was your man not spending the night with you, but with that woman?"

Lin Shiyi let out a chuckle. "Qiao Anhao, you can only be this arrogant because you've got Lu Jinnian in the palm of your hands, isn't that right? If you didn't have him, then what are you even? Yet, from what I see, you don't even really have any pull on that man!"

With those words, Lin Shiyi swept a glance towards Qiao Anhao's delicate white hands and said, "You just told someone that Lu Jinnian was your husband? You both got married? After marriage, he didn't even buy you a wedding ring?"

When Lin Shiyi said this, Qiao Anhao instinctively hid her hands behind her handbag. She tried hard to maintain a calm expression on her face. "Are you done? If you are, then please do move aside."

Lin Shiyi seemed like she hadn’t imagined that Qiao Anhao would have that kind of response, as she was stunned for a second there before asking, "You don't believe what I said?"

"Lin Shiyi, don't you find your own question funny?" Qiao Anhao looked like she had just heard a hilarious joke, suddenly laughing out loud. She turned her head around and scanned Lin Shiyi up and down. "From head to toe, what part of you exactly is worth believing?"
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