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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 655: Text Messages on the Phone (6)

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Chapter 655: Text Messages on the Phone (6)
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Eventually, Qiao Anhao simply fell silent. She lowered her head and stood there for a while, ready to honestly admit that she was immature and wrong to Lu Jinnian, when suddenly, he opened his mouth. "So, the real reason why you called me over was to actually tell other people that your man was as powerful as you said he was?"

When Qiao Anhao, who was already apprehensive, heard Lu Jinnian's words, she instantly felt like she could die right then. Crap crap crap! Did that mean Lu Jinnian was getting angry? In front of so many people, if he flipped out...

This time, Qiao Anhao didn't even dare speak. She just gave an especially quick nod and instinctively prepared herself to say in a pitiful voice, "I was wrong". But then, his hand suddenly rubbed her head.

Qiao Anhao was so shocked in that instant, the words immediately got stuck in her throat. She hurriedly shut her eyes, wu wu wu... Lu Jinnian must of gotten extremely mad this time. Did this mean that he was just going to hit her straight away?


Before the thought could settle in her mind, Qiao Anhao suddenly blanked out. Lu Jinnian was stroking her head. Not only that, but he was so gentle...

She silently raised her head with a little disbelief, sneakily looking over at Lu Jinnian. To her astonishment, there wasn't even a hint of gloomy coldness on his face. Instead, she saw a neutral smirk, which brought warmth to his usual frosty and handsome complexion.

Qiao Anhao thought that she was seeing things. After two hard blinks, she realized that Lu Jinnian still had that warm and affectionate expression. In that instant, she stared at him with her big, dark eyes in a daze, a little shocked by his affection.

Lu Jinnian looked as though... Not only was he not angry, he seemed so delighted...

Qiao Anhao's cute, silly, blank look amused Lu Jinnian so much, his eyes became soft. Then, he took her hand and held it.

Honestly speaking, Lu Jinnian didn't really understand what was going through Qiao Anhao's mind. In truth, she couldn't have called him over because she was angry about the script being amended, right? How could they argue half a day just to compare their men?

All right, he admitted it. For Qiao Anhao to compare guys, it was like a little student competing if she had the most sweets. It was immature and absurd of everyone involved, but he couldn't help but admit just how much he enjoyed every time the words 'my man' came from her mouth. In that instant, he decided that he didn't mind being immature and absurd with her at all.

Since she was the one who started comparing, she couldn't give up half way.

What's more, he only had one wife. If he didn't protect her, then who would?

Lu Jinnian first pushed Qiao Anhao back into her make up chair, and then looked over at several multicolored bottles placed to one side. He was very familiar with those bottles, because every time he opened the fridge in Mian Xiu Garden, he'd find those same bottles lined up row by row.

She must of personally grabbed a few of them to drink on set, and so Lu Jinnian casually grabbed for a pink bottle. He removed the lid and placed it in front of Qiao Anhao to signal for her to first take a sip of fruit juice. He then reached over to the table and grabbed a script, "Is this the amended script?"

"No, it's this one." Zhao Meng hastily brought over the other script, and swapped it with the one in Lu Jinnian's hands.
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