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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 653: Text Messages on the Phone (4)

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Chapter 653: Text Messages on the Phone (4)
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Zhao Meng was someone who never lost out to anyone. Even though Lu Jinnian wasn't backing her but Qiao Anhao's, she stared at Lin Shiyi, who sat restlessly in her chair, and then let out a chuckle. Without concealing anything, she went straight to the point, "It's Lin Shiyi. She's bullying Qiao Qiao."

Lin Shiyi... When Lu Jinnian heard that name, a flash of bewilderment crossed his eyes, as though he didn't know who she was. His eyes then scanned the make up room, before finally falling on Lin Shiyi's face. Suddenly he remembered.

Wasn't this the woman he banned, and the woman who had targeted Qiao Anhao all the time during last year's shooting of "Alluring Times"? Who would of thought that after so much time had passed, they would actually bump into each other again! It's truly inevitable for you to bump into your enemies.

Lu Jinnian's eyes suddenly turned cold, and his brows creased, as though something had clicked in his mind. He abruptly lowered his head and said to the little lady next to him without much thought, a little helplessness and fondness in his voice, "How are you so stupid to get picked on by the same person every time?"

He was clearly calling her stupid, but Qiao Anhao felt an obvious sense of warmth in her heart. She pouted at him and finally spoke the first words since he arrived. Her voice was quiet, with a slight spoiled tone, "Well it couldn’t really count as bullying."

"Does it or does it not count as bullying? What on earth happened? Tell me."

Women were always argumentative but sweet creatures, and this nature would amplify to no end especially when they encountered someone they relied on.

Perhaps it was because Qiao Anhao had kept her silence after debating to herself on whether or not to tell Lu Jinnian about everything and have him look down on her, or if it was his absolutely patience, or perhaps it was how he called her stupid, or further yet, his question "Does it or does it not count as bullying?"... Those words were overly permissive.

Anyways, Qiao Anhao's heart softened up. She decided it couldn’t be called telling on Lin Shiyi, but more like complaining, so then, as though no one else were around, she told Lu Jinnian, "The company prepared this drama for me last year. At the time, the director was chosen and Lin Shiyi didn't have a part, but when time came for the shoot, she found a rich boyfriend who invested a lot of money, so he cast her into the movie and gave her the role of the supporting female character."

"En," responded Lu Jinnian to signify that he was listening.

His reaction made Qiao Anhao feel a little more comfortable. After stuttering earlier, she now spoke more fluidly, regaining her usual voice and attitude. "I already didn't like her, but she would even show off her boyfriend every day. If that wasn't annoying enough, she then changed my script so that..."

After so long, she finally got to the main point. She was unhappy because the script was changed...

Lu Jinnian didn't interrupt Qiao Anhao, just staring at her with a serious face as he waited for her to continue.

"The script clearly said that I was meant to slap her in the scene, but in end, it was all changed and she had to slap me. Not only once, but..."

When Qiao Anhao said that, a tinge of annoyance emerged in Lu Jinnian's eyes. "And then?"

Qiao Anhao bit her bottom lip and thought about what Lin Shiyi and Zhao Meng had said in their argument.
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