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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 642: Marriage(13)

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Chapter 642: Marriage(13)
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The staff in the main hall came forward to greet them, asking if they wished to get married or divorced before passing them two forms.

Qiao Anhao tugged Lu Jinnian to the counter in front. Without hesitation, she picked up a pen and started to fill up the form. Halfway through it, she realized that Lu Jinnian, who was sitting beside her, hadn't started to write.

Anxiously, she passed the pen in her hand over to him. When he didn't have any intention of moving, she hurriedly stuffed the pen into his palm, rushing him, "Hurry and fill it up!"

Lu Jinnian glanced over at her briefly before pausing on her completed form.

She really wanted to get married to him... Did that mean that she really loved him?

Lu Jinnian fell into a daze, his lack of reaction sending uneasiness through Qiao Anhao. She looked around in contemplation before reaching over for his form. After just filling in his name, the staff behind the counter stopped her kindly. "I'm sorry miss, the form has to be filled up personally by the party involved."

But Lu Jinnian wasn't filling it up... Qiao Anhao bit the tip of the pen, she turned to the staff and replied sternly, "But he can't write!"

"...." The staff looked at her speechlessly. Turning over to Lu Jinnian, he asked, "Mister, are you a willing party to this marriage?"

"Yes," Qiao Anhao interrupted resolutely before Lu Jinnian could reply.

"..." The staff fell into silence once again before placing a new form in front of Lu Jinnian. "Mister, if you are willing to get married, please fill up the form."

Qiao Anhao frowned deeply. She lowered her head to stare sadly at the name she had just filled in… Was this form invalid now?

Uneasily, she turned to glance at Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian snapped out of his daze. He nodded his head towards the staff before reaching for a pen in his pocket. Picking up the form, he started to fill it up with swiftness and fluidity.

Finally, Qiao Anhao heaved a sigh of relief. When Lu Jinnian finished filling up the first page, she enthusiastically helped him flip to the next page.

The rest of the procedures went by smoothly - Checkup, payment, reading the vows, and stamping... Regardless of which step it was, Qiao Anhao enthusiastically and impatiently completed the tasks required.

It wasn't that Lu Jinnian wasn't enthusiastic but when he saw her actions, he couldn't help believing that she really loved him.


When they were finally done, it was already 5 pm, after working hours. The roads were congested and filled with the loud honking by cars from all directions.

Lu Jinnian pulled the car door open while Qiao Anhao climbed inside with a bunch of documents. After settling down, she started to flip through the documents. The moment Lu Jinnian boarded the car, she passed his documents over. "Yours."

Lu Jinnian took the identification card. "You can keep the identification book. You'll need it when we go to the police station to bring your account over."

"Oh," Qiao Anhao murmured. Carefully, she stuffed all the documents into the inner pocket of her bag, as though they were a precious treasure.
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