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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 637: Marriage(8)

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Chapter 637: Marriage(8)
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Qiao Anhao's loud cries attracted the attention of numerous passers-by.

"Lu Jinnian, what exactly do you want? I've already apologized, I already told you why I couldn't meet you. I didn't even mind when you said those hurtful things and gave me contraceptives after sleeping with me! And now you want to chase me away!"

Even though the airport was filled with non-Chinese people, there were some who could understand the language, so when Qiao Anhao said "slept with me", Lu Jinnian frowned, a shade of faint red appearing on his dashing pale face.

Instinctively, he raised his hands to try to pull her down and cover her mouth so that she would calm down, but these actions seemed to agitate her further, for she thought that he was about to abandon her in the airport. Violently, she threw her hands around his neck and started to scream while crying, totally disregarding her image.

"Lu Jinnian, you bastard, I already said I don't want to go back, so why do you still want to send me back?

"Lu Jinnian, what kind of guy are you? You aren't going to take responsibility after sleeping with me?

"Lu Jinnian, you don't want me? Why did you sleep with me yesterday then? There's a child in my tummy now, I don't want to go, don't want to go...

"Wa..." Qiao Anhao screamed loud and clear, following each sentence with deafening sobs.

The surrounding crowd started to grow larger, and several of the people started recording the show.

This was the first time in Lu Jinnian's life that he felt so embarrassed. Instinctively, he turned to hide his face, but when he saw Qiao Anhao's teary visage, he turned back to shield her. "Qiao Qiao, calm down, stop shouting for a moment. Let's talk somewhere we'll be alone, all right?"

"No, I don't want to find somewhere else, I want to talk here, I don't want for my child to be born without a father..."

Lu Jinnian was left speechless. Helplessly, he said weakly, "Qiao Qiao, it's just one night, you couldn't possibly be pregnant..."

"I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant! You're not me, how would you know!" Qiao Anhao anxiously interrupted without waiting for him to finish his sentence. Since he didn't seem to be accommodating to her words, she started to cry louder. "Lu Jinnian, I give you two choices, you get together with me or I get together with you!"

Lu Jinnian gave up, realizing that there was no way to talk any sense into her, and the people crowding around were growing in number, all of them pointing at them... At this rate, they were about to become headlines...

Lu Jinnian hesitated before pushing her upwards and hurriedly leaving.

Qiao Anhao continued to sob non stop as she repeated continuously, "I don't want to go back."

Lu Jinnian carried her all the way till there wasn't anyone around and then put her down. In order to calm her, he grabbed her shoulders to stabilize her and stared straight into her eyes. "Qiao Qiao, let me ask you a question, if your answer satisfies me, I'll get together with you."
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