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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 635: Marriage(6)

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Chapter 635: Marriage(6)
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Lu Jinnian walked in front while Qiao Anhao trailed behind as they headed towards the airport.

Since the ticket was torn apart, Lu Jinnian had to get another before leading her to the gates. He passed the passport and new air ticket into her hands.

Qiao Anhao felt something in her palms. She grabbed onto the things in a daze, looking straight at Lu Jinnian. Her mind was still in a blank state.

Lu Jinnian took out his wallet and stuffed a thick wad of cash into her hands. "Go in."

Qiao Anhao stood still, her eyes blank, staring straight at him.

Lu Jinnian started to feel frustrated from her stare. He cleared his throat and dryly said, "Goodbye."

He then turned.

After pausing for about ten seconds, he walked away with heavy, resolute steps.


Qiao Anhao's temples moved slightly. She looked down at the wad of cash Lu Jinnian had stuffed into her hands, remembering the scene from many years ago at the train station in Hangzhou. When she had lost her wallet back then, he had also given her money, but at that time, he had told her to get back to Beijing safely.

And now he had said goodbye.

Did it mean that they'll never see each other again?

She didn't want that!

Zhao Meng had told her that he cared that she didn't turn up but he cared more whether or not she loved him. He said that it was never because he was angry.

Right, how could she be so silly? So dumb? Just because he said he would try to forget her, how could she forget to tell him she loved him?

After following him all the way from Beijing to America, she had wanted to explain herself, but she forgot to let him know that she loved him too.

Hope shone brightly in her eyes.

If she told him, she loved him, would he stop trying to forget her?

He had been in love with her for thirteen years, and she had loved him for thirteen years too.

After she had spent her entire youth loving him, how could it end like that?

Regardless of the ending, she had to go at it bravely, didn't she?

Determined, she rushed in the direction Lu Jinnian had left.

The airport was crowded, and since she was in a hurry, she bumped into a few people, but continued to rush forward without having time to apologize.

When she was finally at the door, she started to worry that she wouldn't see him anywhere. After frantically scanning the surroundings, she finally caught sight of him smoking at the rubbish bin nearby.

He looked exceptionally lonely at that moment, and it tugged at the deepest part of her heart. Without hesitating, she dashed forward.

Lu Jinnian seemed to have sensed something, for he turned to the side. The moment he saw her, he frowned, instinctively tossing the cigarette into the bin. Qiao Anhao ran towards him and tightly hugged the back of his waist.

Lu Jinnian froze, and before he could react, he heard her small, soulful whimper.

"Lu Jinnian, if I said I loved you, would you still not want me?"
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