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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 633: Marriage(4)

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Chapter 633: Marriage(4)
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Qiao Anhao glanced at the air ticket, it was a flight from Los Angeles to Beijing. Her mind went blank.

Didn't Zhao Meng say that all she had to do was sleep with him? Even if he wasn't going to forgive her, didn't she say that she could use the child to threaten him into marriage?

But somehow Lu Jinnian had ruined her plans entirely...

She didn't want to go back, she didn't want to eat the contraceptives… What was she going to do?

Qiao Anhao started to panic. She then suddenly remembered what Zhao Meng had mentioned in the message - for her to continually sleep with him until he accepted her...

Qiao Anhao hung onto that solution desperately. She stood up abruptly and hugged Lu Jinnian's neck. Lifting her head, she covered his lips. Moving her arm down to his waist, she violently sunk into his clothes.

But before she could venture far, Lu Jinnian grabbed her wrist, pulling her away from him as though trying to keep a distance. When he took a step back, his face was cold and distant. "The flight is two hours away, hurry and eat the pill. I'll go check out now."

He released her wrist, arranging his messy clothes slightly before heading out of the room.

She tried harassing him, acting cute, pitiful, and even drugged him. She seemed to have exhausted all the possible options but was still not able to make him change his mind. In that instant, she didn't know if she felt despair or frustration, but she suddenly grabbed the pills on the table and tossed them at Lu Jinnian's back.

"You can eat it if you want, but I’m not going to!"

Lu Jinnian wavered slightly before stopping.

Qiao Anhao seemed to have broken down. She reached for the air ticket and tore it into pieces, throwing it at Lu Jinnian with all her strength, but it didn't seem to satisfy her. She took large steps towards him.

Reaching for the box of pills, she threw them out and started to stomp on them until they turned into a powdery mess. As she stepped on the pills, tears streamed down her face. Turning to the the sofa, she grabbed the pillows and tossed them at Lu Jinnian.

And when there was nothing left to throw, she collapsed on the floor, sobbing. Angrily, she glared at him with tear filled eyes. "Lu Jinnian, what do you want? Even if you're angry, isn't there a limit?"

Lu Jinnian was frustrated by her tantrum. After finally settling on a conclusion, he was starting to waver once again. He frowned, staring at her for a long while before walking over. He knelt down and started to gently wipe away her tears, but in that instant, Qiao Anhao could feel his distance.
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