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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 630: Marriage(1)

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Chapter 630: Marriage(1)
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Qiao Anhao's unique scent clouded Lu Jinnian’s mind, jolting his senses. With the limited restrain he still had, he struggled to pry her off him, but somehow, he couldn't seem to lift his arms.

Qiao Anhao stood on her toes, sealing his lips.

The soft tenderness brought out his inner desire, chasing away any willpower he might have had left. His mind went blank. Without thinking, his legs lifted, kicking the door open. Carrying Qiao Anhao in his embrace, he entered the room and kicked the door shut, pressing her against the wall, deepening the kiss.

Lu Jinnian's kiss was passionate and aggressive, stripping away her strength, leaving her light headed.

Due to the pill, his actions were impatient, tugging away her clothes roughly. The long row of buttons seemed to frustrate him. He pulled and tore the cloth apart, sending the buttons flying all over the floor.

Before they even reached the bedroom, their clothes were almost entirely gone, strewn across the entire living room. Lu Jinnian's breathing turned ragged. He pushed the bedroom’s door open and pressed Qiao Anhao down onto the bed, anxiously entering her.

After staying celibate for such a long time and being under the influence of the pill, he was more aggressive than usual. Qiao Anhao was awake but light headed. When it finally ended and she wanted to take a breath, he suddenly hugged her, changing her position for another round.

When it was finally over, she could no longer keep track of the number of times they had done it... Was it four times, or five? She just felt as though her entire body was wrecked and all her energy was sucked out.

She slouched down onto his chest tiredly, sinking into deep sleep.


When Lu Jinnian woke up, the skies were still dark. He reached out for his phone but instead felt a soft tenderness. He frowned, with the faint glow from outside the window, he saw Qiao Anhao nestled in his arms, fast asleep. His mind froze instantly. Only after a long while did he process what had happened the day before… he most likely had been drugged by Qiao Anhao.

He stared at her sleeping face for a long while before removing her from his embrace. Settling her gently on the pillow beside him, he headed to the bathroom.

After a shower, he returned to the bedroom in a bathrobe and glanced at Qiao Anhao. She was still fast asleep. He walked towards the door and left the bedroom.

Outside, the floor was filled with both of their clothes. Lu Jinnian paused for a moment before bending down to pick them all up, tossing them into the laundry basket in the living room.

Walking towards his phone, he glanced at the time, it was 4 am.

Exhausted from the night before, he brewed a cup of coffee for himself. Holding onto it, he walked towards the balcony and sat onto a chair. Reaching for the cigarette box in front of him, he took a stick out and started to smoke as he stared out at the night sky.

Behind every puff of smoke, his face remained impassive, his gaze blurry as though everything was fine, but deep inside, his heart was in a mess.
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