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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 610: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(1)

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Chapter 610: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(1)
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"What about the company?"

"Isn't the company doing fine?"

The assistant paused, recalling the conversation with Qiao Anhao. "Mr. Lu, when do you intend to leave?"

Lu Jinnian hesitated. "I have not decided."

"Mr. Lu, I have already carried out your orders regarding Qiao Anhao..."

Lu Jinnian remained silent, but his hand tightened on the glass of wine upon hearing her name.

When the assistant remembered that Lu Jinnian had emphasized not to let Qiao Anhao know about his actions but yet he had betrayed him, he started to feel guilty and immediately changed the topic. "Mr Lu, did you leave without saying anything because of Miss Qiao?"

Lu Jinnian stiffened. His lips tightly clenched and various emotions seeped into his eyes. After a short while, he downed another glass of wine and relaxed his temples back to his usual cold expression. He then replied faintly, "Stop mentioning what has already passed."

"But Miss Qiao..."

The assistant had wanted to say she had been looking for him for four whole months, but the moment he mentioned her name, Lu Jinnian smashed the glass of wine violently onto the table, before he could continue with his sentence. Snarling, he said, "I told you not to mention anything about her to me! "

The assistant became silent instantly.

The entire room fell into a deep silence.

Shortly after, the assistant changed the topic. Lu Jinnian remained silent the entire time, his face dark as he continuously smoked his cigarette.

When the cigarette was reaching its end, he pressed it into the ashtray and stood up. "It's getting late, I'm going back to the hotel."

The assistant started to panic.

Initially he was just trying to have justice for Mr. Lu when he told Miss Qiao about what he had done. Yet when he found out that she still cared about Mr. Lu, even going as far as calling his assistant every single day for four months to ask if there was any news, he started to feel a bit guilty for his previous actions.

Tonight, when Miss Qiao called, she had pleaded for him to help relieve tension between her and Lu Jinnian, but the moment he mentioned her, his boss got mad.

When he asked him where he had been gone for the four months and when he was returning to Beijing, he was not able to get a response... Was he driving him away instead?

Despite the disappointment, the assistant was determined to help Miss Qiao...

Because of this, he anxiously asked, "Mr. Lu, which hotel do you stay in?"

Lu Jinnian turned, glancing over. "What's wrong?"

His gaze caused a wave of anxiety and guilt to surge in the assistants heart, fear that he would be seen through. Quickly, he said, "I just wanted to send you there, besides, I did not drive today."

Lu Jinnian stared at him for about two seconds, and just when his assistant thought that he was exposed, he suddenly replied, "Four Seasons Hotel."
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