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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 609: Long Time No See, My Love(20)

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Chapter 609: Long Time No See, My Love(20)
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Lu Jinnian accompanied the granny for dinner, and after an episode of an old historical drama, the nanny brought her upstairs to shower before sleeping. Only then did he leave.

When Lu Jinnian came out of the elevator, it was already 10 pm.

Once he was out of the apartment, he realized that it had been snowing - there was a thin layer of snow covering the area.

As he walked down the staircase, the snow produced a crunching sound.

When he came to the road, he reached for his car keys and unlocked his car. Just then, he saw a car not far away light up.

When he was about to enter his car, he suddenly heard someone call for him. "Mr Lu."

Lu Jinnian paused. He turned and saw that his assistant was at the other side of the road. He seemed to have been there for some time, a layer of snow covering the top of his hat.

Lu Jinnian stopped moving.

His assistant took large steps through the snow. Looking up into his eyes, he asked with agitation, "Mr. Lu, when did you come back? Why didn't you contact me?"

"What are you doing here?" Lu Jinnian asked instead.

"I'm visiting my wife's distant relative who stays in the neighborhood behind. She's still playing mahjong upstairs, but I came to get cigarettes and ended up spotting you!" the assistant replied honestly, but inside he was thinking of how all his wife's relatives were in Suzhou... The only reason he was here was because of Miss Qiao's phone call!

Even though the assistant had been with Lu Jinnian for so many years, this was the first time that he had lied to him. And even though his lie wasn't exposed, he still felt guilty. Afraid that Lu Jinnian would find some loophole, he hurriedly asked, "Mr. Lu, are you free later? Want to go for drinks?"

Lu Jinnian didn't object. He nodded and pointed to his car, heading for the drivers seat.

After working with Lu Jinnian for so many years, even if they hadn't met for four months, the assistant still couldn't change his habits. When he realized what his superior meant, he hurriedly rushed in front of him to open the back door. "Mr. Lu, please."

Lu Jinnian was just about to enter the drivers seat, but when he heard his assistant's words, he paused slightly, then released the door handle, and went to the back seat.

The assistant entered the front seat and started the car. "Mr. Lu, where do you want to go?"


The assistant thought for a moment, then suggested, "Golden Luxury?"

Lu Jinnian agreed with a light "Yea."

In the past four months, Jin Bi Hui Huang had been renovated, so it looked much more extravagant and lavish than before.

In the private room, the drinks that the assistant had ordered were delivered quickly. After the staff left, he turned and looked over. Lu Jinnian had on a calm expression as he leaned on the sofa, smoking.

The assistant poured two glass of wine and pushed one over to Lu Jinnian. "Mr. Lu, are you intending to leave again?"

Lu Jinnian averted his gaze from the ceiling, straightened, and finished the entire glass. With a nod, he replied, "Leaving."
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