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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 590: Long Time No See, My Love (1)

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Chapter 590: Long Time No See, My Love (1)
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Mother Qiao looked over at Han Ruchu's expression and smiled in embarrassment. She cleared her throat as a reminder for Qiao Anhao to avoid the taboo topic.

Qiao Anhao knew in her heart exactly what her aunt was suggesting, but she pretended to be ignorant. She turned her head and said in a natural tone, "I've filmed with Lu Jinnian. Because of his superb acting skills, he gave a me a lot of pressure. His mother was a celebrity, so I guess his skills were probably passed on from her..."

"Qiao Qiao!"

She couldn't mention Lu Jinnian, let alone his mother. Mother Qiao saw Han Ruchu's face gradually grow cold, and couldn't help but open her mouth to stop Qiao Anhao.

Qiao Anhao stared at mother Qiao innocently and waited for a while before looking as though she had suddenly realized something. "I forgot, Lu Jinnian's mother and Uncle Xu used to have..."

As she said that, Qiao Anhao suddenly stopped there and raised her hand to cover her mouth. Pretending to have spoken out of turn, she said, "Sorry, Aunt Xu, I didn't mean to."

At that moment, the expression on Han Ruchu's face looked like it had already reached its limit.

Mother Qiao hurriedly turned her head and tried to calm Han Ruchu in a pleasant voice. "Ruchu, ever since Qiao Qiao was young, she always spoke before thinking. Don't take it to heart."

The biggest thorn in Han Ruchu's heart was Lu Jinnian and his mother. At that very moment, on her birthday, for Qiao Anhao to actually bring up the fact that her husband betrayed her, it practically killed her mood in an instant. She was unbelievably annoyed inside, but with the Qiao family background behind Qiao Anhao, she couldn't get mad.

All she could do was force herself to smile, pretend to be generous, and act as though she didn't mind at all. "Why would I? I know Qiao Qiao didn't mean it. How could I be angry at her..."

When mother Qiao heard what Han Ruchu said, she immediately turned her head and told Qiao Anhao, "Qiao Qiao, quickly apologize to Aunt X..."

Qiao Anhao knew what mother Qiao wanted to say, but she didn't wait for her aunt to finish. She got up and beat her to it by saying, "I have to use the bathroom."

Then, she didn't wait for anyone to react before making her way to the bathroom.

Mother Qiao, who only spoke half her sentence, could only smile at Han Ruchu and say, "I'm so sorry. I'll have to discipline her when we get back!"

"It's nothing."

As she heard Han Ruchu's words, Qiao Anhao shut the bathroom doors. She leaned back against the wooden door and stood there for a while, then walked over to the sink. She stared at herself in the mirror with bone-piercing, cold eyes.

If it weren't for Han Ruchu's birthday, she definitely wouldn't have taken a single step through the Xu family doors.

The only reason she came today was to make Han Ruchu suffer.

Didn't she say "Happy birthday"?

Qiao Anhao gripped hard onto the cold sink and forcefully pursed the corner of her lips.

With knowledge of who killed her baby looming over her, how could she pretend that nothing had happened? Seeing her, did it really make her birthday happy?


When Qiao Anhao came out of the bathroom, the atmosphere in the living room had gone back to normal. There was a different channel on the TV and Qiao Anxia had hung up on her call.

Mother Qiao had probably felt apologetic for Qiao Anhao's indiscretion earlier, so she said some things that Han Ruchu liked to hear. Qiao Anxia was hugging a pillow and every now and then, she would add in a few words.

As for Xu Jiamu, he was still watching TV in a daze, as though they were still watching the same movie as before. He looked like he was in a trance, perhaps thinking of someone or something.

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