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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 574: The Things She Didn't Know (5)

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Chapter 574: The Things She Didn't Know (5)
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The dishes at "Lijing Pavilion" arrived quickly on the table. The exquisite cutlery accompanied with the light dishes looked like it would give anyone an appetite.

The assistant personally pulled off the paper packaging from the chopsticks and passed them to Qiao Anhao. "These are all your favorite dishes. Finish up and we'll talk."

Qiao Anhao didn't pick up the chopsticks. Her lips moved as though she was going to ask something but before she could, the assistant helped did it for her. "You must wonder how I know that these are your favorite dishes right?"

She pulled the corner of her lips, and swallowed the questions she wanted to ask him.

"Mr. Lu told me." The assistant wore a gentle smile, and took another gulp of beer. He turned his head then and stared at Qiao Anhao. "Eat first, let's talk after."

When the assistant said this, he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat.

Qiao Anhao stared at the assistant for quite some time before also picking up the chopsticks, and silently starting to eat something.

These were the dishes she liked to eat, but she didn't have an appetite. She practically had to force herself to eat.

After about half an hour passed, she finally couldn't eat anymore and put her chopsticks down. She lifted her head and looked over at the assistant, who had put his chopsticks down earlier and stared out the window, thinking about who knows what. He had finished the two bottles of beer in front of him.

At the sound of Qiao Anhao putting her chopsticks down, he turned his head and asked, "Finished?"

Qiao Anhao gave a gentle nod.

The assistant raised his hand and called the waiter over. He asked for two more bottles of beer. After waiting for the beer to arrive, he poured a cup for himself and downed it. He then pulled out a phone from his pocket and handed it to Qiao Anhao.

A hint of confusion crossed her eyes.

"Didn't you ask about where Mr. Lu was? You'll know once you see what's on the phone." When the assistant finished speaking, he lowered his head, and poured himself another cup of beer. He took a big gulp.

The assistant's phone screen lit up with Qiao Anhao's single tap. She then saw that he meant for her to read an email.

Lu Jinnian had sent him that email.

The email started off by telling him who would be in charge of certain jobs at Huan Ying Entertainment. After that, Lu Jinnian told him vice president Wang would be temporarily in charge of business operations.

The email didn't end at that. Below, there was a long section where Lu Jinnian wrote personal stuff to his assistant.

"Here are the foods Qiao Qiao likes to eat. When she's back on set, please tell the crew to cook more of these dishes if they have time.

Her dream is to become the best female actress, so please make preparations for this during the year-end nominations.

The entertainment industry is a little chaotic. It's not safe for a woman on her own, so please take care of her and don't let her suffer.

I have a villa in Mount Yi. When you have time, please close the windows, especially the one in the room on the far west, just in case the rain falls through the window and onto the drawings of her on the table. Oh, right. Don't close the floor-to-ceiling window by the back door of the first floor - Qiao Qiao likes to climb in from there."

Lu Jinnian had written a lot to the assistant. Qiao Anhao flipped through quite a few pages until she finally reached the end.

Her mind was blank. She couldn't quite understand what Lu Jinnian meant by sending his assistant this email. Or perhaps, she actually did understand but wasn't willing to.
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