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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 572: The Things She Didn't Know (3)

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Chapter 572: The Things She Didn't Know (3)
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Since Qiao Anhao had ran out of the hospital yesterday, she practically hadn't had any rest or food in her. She was already weak from her severe injury, but now, her face was pale and her entire body was drenched in sweat. She slowly sat down on the stairs in front of the villa, her head buried in her knees as she sat hugging them. Her breathing was unstable.

It was sunny in the midst of autumn. Though the sun wasn't as blazing as it was in the summer, when it shined on the body, it still felt uncomfortably warm.

Not long after, Qiao Anhao's white delicate skin tanned till her skin tinged with light red. She wanted to stand up, but her legs hadn't the strength.

All Qiao Anhao could do was quietly sit on the stairs with her eyes shut, and stabilize her breathing. After a long while had passed, her breathing finally went back to normal. The sun had fallen in the east by that time.

Qiao Anhao pushed herself up with one hand on the stairs, then sluggishly walked out of Lu Jinnian's villa.

She got here by hailing a taxi, but as Mount Yi was a secluded area, she could only get back to the city by taking the bus.

Qiao Anhao stepped out the gates of Mount Yi neighborhood and walked about two hundred meters east before reaching the bus stop.

The only thing on her mind right now was where Lu Jinnian could be. She was so lost in thought that when the bus stopped in front of her, she was in such a trance, she didn't even react when the bus driver called her a few times. Then, as though Qiao Anhao had suddenly realized something, she waved over at the bus, but it had already slowly driven further and further away.

Qiao Anhao gloomily lowered her hand and patiently waited for another bus. At that time, she suddenly heard the sound of a car breaking in front of her. The person lowered the car window and cried out to her, "Miss Qiao!"

Qiao Anhao shot her head up to see Lu Jinnian's assistant. A hint of surprised came across her eyes, and she power walked over to the front of the car.

"Lu Jinnian, where is he?" she asked as she stuck her face through the car window and looked inside. Her head dropped in disappointment when she saw that he wasn't inside.

The assistant didn't reply to her question about Lu Jinnian's whereabouts, but got out of the car, and opened the passenger car door. "Miss Qiao, get in the car first. I'll take you back to the city."

Qiao Anhao gave a gentle nod and got into the car.

Seeing the rear view mirror that Qiao Anhao's complexion looked like she'd been drained of blood, the assistant asked apprehensively, "Miss Qiao, are you not feeling well? You don't look so well."

"It's fine." Qiao Anhao forced a smile, shook her head, and asked, "Do you know where Lu Jinnian is? Take me to him, okay?"

The assistant ignored Qiao Anhao's request again and handed her a bottle. "Drink some water."

Qiao Anhao hesitated for a moment before taking the water, and then said in a low voice, "Thank you."

The assistant first drove Qiao Anhao back to Lu Jinnian's Mount Yi villa and closed all of the doors and windows. He even covered all the furniture in white sheets of fabric, and put the bamboo stool and table in the courtyard into the storage room in the villa.

The assistant's actions indicated that no one was going to visit here ever again... Qiao Anhao's heart suddenly jumped, and she couldn't help but ask the assistant whilst he was closing the doors, "Lu Jinnian won't he be living here anymore?"
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