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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 557: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (28)

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Chapter 557: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (28)
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It was almost half past nine. Two hours had passed since the time they had agreed to meet. Did this mean that she wasn't coming?

Ah, thirteen years... Lu Jinnian had waited thirteen years for this day to finally come. He really didn't want to miss his chance before he died. He wasn't willing for them to come to such an end.

He pulled his eyes away from the shining lights from afar and picked up the phone from the table and called Qiao Anhao again. This time, the phone rang three times before it was picked up. A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. Just as he cried a single word "Qiao", the phone was hung up and the doot-doot-doot of the busy tone rang from the phone.

After Lu Jinnian tried to call again, he received no answer as before.

Why did she hang up the phone after picking it up just now? Was she still mad at him for acquiring Xu Enterprise? Was she still mad at him for how he had acted out in anger and left her in the afternoon?

But she picked the phone up, which meant she could check her phone... As though he suddenly saw a glimmer of hope, he hurriedly released his phone from his ear and sent her a message. [Qiao Qiao, I was in a bad mood this afternoon. I shouldn't have thrown you aside and walked off. I'm sorry.]

As he sent that message, Lu Jinnian saw the words "Message sent" appear on his screen and knew that Qiao Anhao had already read it. So then, he quickly sent another. [Qiao Qiao, I know you can see my messages. I'm still waiting for you at Lijing Pavilion. Come and we'll talk, okay?]

In the end, he never received a reply to the messages he sent. Lu Jinnian held his phone and waited for a while before trying to call Qiao Anhao again. Still no one answered, so he sent another message. [Qiao Qiao, I'll wait here until you come.]

After waiting for an extensive amount of time, Lu Jinnian sent another message. [If you don't come, I'll still be waiting.]

With this message sent, Lu Jinnian raised his phone and rubbed it against his face. Then he straightened himself up and stood in front of the fence of the terrace, staring at the lights far away.

He didn't know just how long he stood there for, but after some time, the phone in his palms vibrated for a moment. With hints of excitement, he brought the phone in front of him to find that it was just 10086 sending him the weather report.

Somewhat disappointed, Lu Jinnian let his arm hang loose.

At eleven o'clock, the manager of Lijing Pavilion came over to tell Lu Jinnian that it was time to turn off the lights.

The assistant glanced over at Lu Jinnian, who stood stubbornly in front of the terrace fence without moving an inch. He made a hand gesture at the manager and walked out of the room with him. Outside, he gave the manager a figure, and requested for them to wait with them a little longer.

Perhaps it was because tonight was Chinese Valentines day, but Beijing was still quite lively even at eleven o'clock. Although they were on the top floor of Lijing Pavilion, they could still hear the faint sounds of people standing on the Sky Bridge and singing.

"Do you know that I'm waiting for you? If you really care about me,

"How could you leave me to spend these never-ending nights alone..."

Waiting is the most torturous and draining thing to one's patience. After the sound of the clock striking twelve at night, the initially bustling city of Beijing instantly fell silent.

The stillness allowed Lu Jinnian to hear the crisp sound of his heart beating in panic, unease, and fear.

He was really afraid to lose her just like that...
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