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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 555: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (26)

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Chapter 555: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (26)

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Lu Jinnian ignored the assistant's words.

The assistant then added, "Mr. Lu, in all the time I've known you, I never knew you had such a romantic side!"

Finally, Lu Jinnian lifted his head and admired the scene around him. Perhaps to relieve his nerves, he took a deep breath, and replied in a dull tone, "I'm only romantic for Qiao Qiao."

"Mr. Lu, have you thought about what you're going to do when Miss Qiao arrives?"

"I want to first apologize for this afternoon, then let her listen to the recording pen..." As he said that, Lu Jinnian pulled out the recording pen from his pocket and put it within reach on the table.

While going through the process, he actually became less nervous, and his tone of voice sounded a lot smoother and more composed, "After Qiao Qiao listens to the contents of the recording pen, she'll probably be really hurt, as she probably never imagined that the elder she had respected for so many years would trat her in such a way. So I'll comfort her for a while.

"Then, I'll call the manager to serve the food. Qiao Qiao and I will have drinks to celebrate Valentines day..." When he said that, Lu Jinnian secretly envisioned the entire scene playing out.

Once she finished saying her wishes, the multicolored lights that he prepared all around them would light up the words he wanted to tell her.

After she read all his messages, he'll earnestly stare into her eyes and convey how he felt about her.

If she accepted, he'd love her right. If she declined, he'd still love her right, until she was moved by his sentiment and accepted him.

At that thought, the corner of Lu Jinnian's lips curved into a gentle smile, which made his handsome complexion grow seemingly softer.

The assistant by his side fantasized, saying, "After Miss Qiao accepts Mr. Lu's confession, you'll have to find a good date to propose to her. After the marriage, you could both have a beautiful baby..."

Though Lu Jinnian knew that he hadn't even started his confession, when filled with the thought of something so far, his mind couldn't help but imagine what was just mentioned. With just that one thought, the picture had already made him brim over with happiness.

After a long while had passed, Lu Jinnian lifted his wrist and glanced over at the time. It was already seven twenty five. He cleared his throat and said, "There's five minutes until Qiao Qiao arrives."

As his final syllable dropped, a hint of anticipation surfaced in his heart. Even the assistant standing on the side randomly grew anxious.

Time passed so slowly. It was just five minutes, but Lu Jinnian felt like it was as long as a century. Finally, the hand reached the half way point, but Qiao Anhao still hadn't appeared.

It was just about the time they said they'd meet, so perhaps she was a little late. Lu Jinnian waited in his seat understandingly.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time went by.

At seven forty, Lu Jinnian told himself, Qiao Anhao was stuck in traffic.

At seven fifty, he told himself, she was stuck in traffic.

At eight, the assistant told him that Miss Qiao was probably stuck in traffic, as it was Chinese Valentines day after all. There were a lot of people out and about.

The night view grew darker, the stars became clearer, and the lights of the forbidden city turned brighter, while the flames from the burning candles on the table danced higher.
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