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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 533: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (4)

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Chapter 533: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (4)
Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian hastily grabbed a single popcorn and put it in Qiao Anhao's mouth.

Qiao Anhao glanced over at it and pulled her wandering hand back. She snatched the popcorn away with her mouth, and continued to watch the movie.

When Lu Jinnian noticed that Qiao Anhao had swallowed the popcorn in her mouth, he immediately grabbed another and put it to her lips. Coincidentally, that was when the screen showed a picture of Lin Shiyi in a wedding dress.

Then, with a helpless expression on his face, Lu Jinnian said, "They say, women are the most beautiful when they wear a wedding dress. Now, who's slapping themselves in the face? Here's an example of someone who's ugly in a wedding dress."

Since the very start of the movie till now, every so often, Lu Jinnian would nitpick something about Lin Shiyi. Finally, on her last nerves, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but turn her head and look at him head on.

When Lu Jinnian met Qiao Anhao's eyes, he was about to act serious and add, "Qiao Qiao, you'll definitely be the world's prettiest woman in a wedding dress."

In the end, before he could speak, Qiao Anhao said in a slightly defeated tone of voice, "Lu Jinnian, do you know that talking in the cinema is very rude?"

Lu Jinnian was so stunned, the words he wanted to stay got stuck in his throat.

Qiao Anhao opened her mouth and munched the popcorn from his fingertips, then continued to say, "Also, why are you paying so much attention to Lin Shiyi? You're not into her, are you?"

Lu Jinnian promptly shook his head, about to explain himself to her, but Qiao Anhao grabbed several kernels of popcorn and shoved them in his mouth. She then made a "shhh" expression with her hands.

Lu Jinnian moved his lips, then shut them again. After a while, he whispered, "Qiao Qiao, you know that's not what I meant."

Qiao Anhao didn't bother with Lu Jinnian and stared at the big screen with her lips slanted. She opened her mouth, after having swallowed her popcorn, and Lu Jinnian immediately grabbed another one and attentively put it in her mouth. When he pulled his fingers away, he was intentionally or unintentionally bit by Qiao Anhao. Though it wasn't strong, Lu Jinnian still felt the numbness from fingertips travel to his heart.

He quickly pulled his fingertips away, and used his other hand to rub where she'd just bit. He turned his head and looked at her, staring at the big screen with a calm expression, though a layer of redness had clearly crept up her ears. Lu Jinnian gulped, and completely calmed down.


It was ten in the evening when the movie ended. The supermarket on the lower floor wasn't closed and Qiao Anhao wanted to eat watermelon, so the two of them pushed a trolley into the supermarket.

After they chose a watermelon, they passed the snacks section. Lu Jinnian casually grabbed a few bags of fruit puddings and nuts for Qiao Anhao to snack on when she watched TV at night.

As they lined up in the queue, Lu Jinnian saw multicolored boxes on the shelf by the counter, and thought back to last night. As there were no condoms in the house when they had sex, at the final moment, he had to pull out, so as he stood there in front of the shelf, he considered it for a moment. In the end, he put a few boxes of extra thin condoms into the trolley.

When Qiao Anhao saw what Lu Jinnian was doing, her face started to burn up. She turned her head to one side, pretending to have not seen what Lu Jinnian was doing and pushed the trolley forward. She looked straight ahead, not daring to look at what was in the trolley. Every now and then, her heart would randomly pick up speed, when she saw several of those small boxes in her peripheral vision.
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