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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 530: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (1)

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Chapter 530: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (1)
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Lu Jinnian had to think of a plan to prove to Qiao Anhao that, back then, it was Han Ruchu who had meddled with her pregnancy.

And he had already thought of one.

When the assistant heard Lu Jinnian's words, he completely relaxed. As he hugged the documents, he compliantly said, "Mr. Lu, if there's nothing else, I'll be on my way."

Lu Jinnian didn't say a word, and his expression reverted back to his usually cold look. He went over his meeting notes from yesterday about getting a girlfriend.

The assistant didn't disturb Lu Jinnian and silently turned around to leave. Just as he opened the door, he was suddenly called to stop. "Wait."

"Mr. Lu, what are your orders?"

Lu Jinnian threw a document on the desk and said, "Based on these photos, make the necessary preparations for me."

The assistant walked over and picked up the document. It looked like a candlelit dinner with some kind of florescent lights. It was requested for the lights to form the words: "Qiao Qiao, can I go after you?","Qiao Qiao, I've loved you for thirteen years","Will you be my girlfriend, Qiao Qiao?".

As the assistant sneaked a glance, he couldn't help but compliment, "How romantic! Mr. Lu..."

Then, he incidentally read the words on Lu Jinnian's mind, "I am only happy when I'm with you... Qiao Qiao, will you..."

When Lu Jinnian wrote those words, they really came from his heart. He didn't feel a certain way about them, but at that moment, when the assistant read them out, he felt a little restless. It was the same feeling a young person would have when he got close to the girl he liked.

Lu Jinnian's entire body felt agitated with embarrassment. His pale white face had a layer of light red. He cleared his throat in annoyance, and said in an extremely dark tone, "Get out!"

The assistant was so frightened, he swiftly stopped talking and didn't dare take a deep breath. With the documents in his arms, he ran for the open door. However, once again, before he could even reach it, Lu Jinnian asked with a degree of uncertainty, "If I confess, what do you think the odds are that she'll actually agree?"

With the documents in his arms, the assistant stopped walking, turned his head to sneak a quick glance at Lu Jinnian. When he confirmed that there wasn't a hint of anger, he turned his head and said in a flattering way, "Mr. Lu, I think Miss Qiao will definitely agree!"

"Really?" asked Lu Jinnian in return. He then thought back to last night, when he asked her if he could continue. She didn't reply, but when they had sex, she didn't refuse either... so his chances of succeeding were quite high, right?

After reassuring himself, Lu Jinnian still didn't feel confident, and so he said to his assistant, "What do you think of the confession plan?"

"Great! If I were a woman, I'd definitely be moved." Though the assistant was flattering with his words, those were his true feelings. Mr. Lu had really put his heart and soul into this confession plan. He felt that Mr. Lu must've planned it for a really long time yesterday... What's more, he even chose a day to confess - next Wednesday, on Chinese Valentine day... How romantic...

After being assured by his assistant, it was like Lu Jinnian had taken a chill pill. His expression instantly became cold. "You can go now."

This time, the assistant didn't turn around when Lu Jinnian asked with little confidence, "Are you sure my confession plan has no flaws? Take a good look, is there something else that needs to be added? What about a gift? Do you think it's all right?"

There were five days until the confession, and Lu Jinnian realized that he was actually so nervous, he wasn't in the right mind.
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