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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 510: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(11)

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Chapter 510: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(11)
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When the car entered Mian Xiu Garden, it was just 9 pm.

The items that Qiao Anhao had shipped over from Shanghai were placed with the estate security, and Lu Jinnian drove over to get her items before driving to Xu Jiamu's mansion.

When they reached, he alighted to help her bring the items in.

After traveling for so many days, Qiao Anhao was probably worn out, so Lu Jinnian was quick.

Before he left, Qiao Anhao stopped him. "Lu Jinnian."

He paused and turned to look at her questioningly.

In a pair of slippers, Qiao Anhao walked to the entrance of the house. "I have to go to the Xu family house tomorrow."

Lu Jinnian nodded, acknowledging her words.

Smiling, she added, "Goodbye."

"Goodbye." Lu Jinnian lingered a while longer before leaving.

Even though Qiao Anhao wanted to spend every day with him, she didn't want him to neglect his work because of her.

Besides, even if she was still married to Xu Jiamu, there was no love.

Even though she'll be the party that was pitied in the upcoming divorce, she wasn't upset at all. Instead, she hoped to end this partnership as soon as possible so that she would be able to advance to the next stage with Lu Jinnian.

If she had known that she was betrothed to Xu Jiamu, she would have never agreed to marry him, but before she became aware of it, he had gotten into a car accident. At that time, she had wanted to get close to Lu Jinnian so she accepted the request.

Lu Jinnian had no idea how silly she was at that time, willing to become another's wife in name just so they could meet again. But that was her only chance, if she hadn't done it, she would have never had the opportunity or power to talk to him.


The next day, Qiao Anhao indeed headed to Xu mansion.

Inside, she was fretting over how the divorce might complicate things.

But she had never expected how smoothly it would go.

In the afternoon, Xu Jiamu specifically booked a room for both sides of the family to gather.

His lips were still swollen from when Lu Jinnian had punched him yesterday. When Han Ruchu saw it, she started to worry exaggeratedly, heartache visible on her face.

When everyone was sitting, Xu Jiamu signaled towards the waiter to pour everyone a cup of tea.

Han Ruchu was confused by the gathering, so she asked, "Jiamu, why did you gather all of us?"

Xu Jiamu picked the last cup of tea, walking towards his seat casually. He took a sip before placing the tea back down, and after looking at both sides, he said, "I want to divorce Qiao Qiao."

Xu Wanli was just about to sip his tea, but right then, his hands trembled, spilling the tea.

Han Ruchu and the Qiao family objected instantly.



"Jiamu, what happened to you and Qiao Qiao?"

Xu Jiamu paused for a moment before repeating, "Today, I came to tell you that I want to divorce."
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