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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 500: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You (1)

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Chapter 500: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You (1)
Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian got off the phone and then ignored his assistant's cries of "Mr. Lu". He raised his hand to hail a taxi, got in, and left his assistant with the words, "Check out of the hotel and pack up everything in the room". Then he said to the taxi driver, "To the airport."

The assistant stood outside the car with an anxious expression. He called out "Mr. L...", but in the end, he hadn't finished speaking when the tail lights of the taxi flashed. The car started up and drove into the traffic.

The assistant stamped his feet and helplessly clutched his hair as he glanced back at the hotel behind him. Then, he pulled out his phone and called director Wang, who Lu Jinnian had originally come all the way to Hong Kong to meet but randomly canceled on.


On the way to the airport, Lu Jinnian pulled out his phone and called Qiao Anhao several times, but in the end, no one answered. He then left her a slew of WeChat messages, but didn’t receive a reply either.

Perhaps he was really affected by what he'd just heard, but his intuition told him that Qiao Anhao already knew about Xu Jiamu's business.

For her to not pick up her phone, or reply to messages, was she hiding in a corner somewhere, crying?

At that thought, Lu Jinnian started to become restless in his seat. He wished for nothing more than to be like one of those characters from xuanhuan novels and instantly teleport to Qiao Anhao's side.

When he reached the airport, he paid the taxi driver as he got out and checked into his flight. He passed security and boarded the plane... Lu Jinnian made no stops during this process, smoothly getting everything done.

The plane took off and the announcements reached his table. As he stared at the night lights of Hong Kong out of the window, his erratic anger simmered down.

He distinctly ran off on a business to Hong Kong just to avoid her for her own good. Who would of thought that he'd hear bad news about her so far away!

He never thought about being a hero, but he always wanted to protect Qiao Anhao from harm.

He knew that perhaps, right at this moment, Qiao Anhao possibly had no idea that Xu Jiamu loved someone else. That was just his guess and what he worried about, but no matter if she knew or not, he still had to go back.

Because he didn't want that woman to be alone at her saddest, most desperate time.

So he needed to hurry over to her as fast as possible, to be with her whilst she was sad, and to cheer her up.

Two hours later, the plane landed steadily at Beijing International Airport.

It was already late at night in Beijing and raining heavily when Lu Jinnian got off the plane. He bolted straight for taxis. The queue was a little long, so whilst lined up, Lu Jinnian called Qiao Anhao until his phone ran out of battery. Yet still, she never picked up.

While burning with anxiety, Lu Jinnian eventually left the queue, braved the heavy rain, and ran straight out of the airport.

Not long after, his clothes were completely soaked. There were around five kilometers from the airport terminal to outside the airport. He ran until the rainwater all over his body had mixed with the sweat on his back.

With great difficulty, he finally saw a black taxi, and without any hesitation, he waved his hand, got in, and gave the driver the address to Mian Xiu Garden.

When the car reached his home, Lu Jinnian paid the driver, and rushed over to Xu Jiamu's mansion. His breath was unstable when he raised his hand and pressed the doorbell a few times.


Qiao Anxia kept crying, unable to stop for a very long time, before she completely calmed down. With the Royal Palace's staff's help, Qiao Anhao was able to drag her into the car and take her home.
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