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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 463: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(4)

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Chapter 463: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(4)

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Han Ruchu would definitely be aware that Qiao Anhao would get an abortion in the hospital as she was the one who had placed the sleeping pills in that swallow’s nest.

When her son woke up, she no longer had any worries, but she was afraid that Qiao Anhao would fall for him after spending such a long time together, so she had tried to find a loophole to scheme upon.

At that time, Lu Jinnian just didn't want her to be upset, so he forgot that his dishonestly could be used against him.

Just a moment of miscalculation and a tragedy could have happened.

If she didn't fall into the stream, he would have never known that she hated him so much. 

Five years ago, on Qiao Anhao's birthday, that woman had thrown away the flowers and cake he had gotten Qiao Anhao.

Five years later, still on Qiao Anhao's birthday, that woman had sentenced him to death in Qiao Anhao’s world.

He had underestimated her hatred towards him, and her ruthlessness.

Between an unknown nurse and Lu Jinnian who had explained the situation the night before, Qiao Anhao chose to believe him without hesitation. She never noticed anything strange about him as she continued to voice her doubt. "Why would the nurse lie? What was her motive?"

Lu Jinnian was deep in his thoughts and didn't realize that Qiao Anhao had spoken.

After a long while, she still didn't get a response, so she couldn't resist anymore. "Lu Jinnian?"

He hurriedly put away his thoughts. Turning towards Qiao Anhao, he replied in a faint voice, "I'm not sure either... I handed the matter to my assistant, and he had mentioned that there was a nurse that threatened him for more money but he had ignored her, that may be the reason why she came to you..."

So that's what happened... Qiao Anhao looked at Lu Jinnian and apologized once more. "Regardless of how it was, Lu Jinnian, I want to say I’m sorry."

"It's fine..." Lu Jinnian paused, his gaze turning murderous.

Some things had been done deliberately so she would misunderstand, so how could she have realized?

Han Ruchu was there ever since she was a child, she treated her like a daughter, so Qiao Anhao would probably never believe that she was the one who had killed her child.

If he were to tell her the truth now, would she think he was accusing Han Ruchu?

He was able to tolerate Han Ruchu's repeated insults and hurt, but he wasn't capable of forgiving her for what she had did to his child, there will come a day when he’ll get his revenge.

Lu Jinnian shut his eyes, forcing the anger down before replying faintly, "Actually, it's also my fault." After pausing for a bit, he added, "It's late, sleep."

After talking for such a long time, Qiao Anhao was indeed starting to get sleepy. In the end, she could no longer fight her drooping eyelids and fell asleep. In a daze, she felt someone come close, placing a warm, moist kiss on her forehead.
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